Friday, August 1, 2014

Finishes, Frames and Food, or Goals, Grace and Good

Update on July's ALYOF Goal and Finish Along 3rd Quarter.

Missed it again.

1.   Experimental Bar Mops for a top secret project. Three of four items finished.

2.   Finish my ALYOF goal for last month. Quilting as we speak

3.   Start on that Wedding Quilt I have mentioned before. Still waffling

4. Start and finish a project using my newly won quilting bounty. Fabric purchased and this will be done on my new-to-me toy!

Bittersweet Design's ALYOF Goal for August: The Wedding Quilt. 
Settle on design
Purchase Fabric
Start sewing.

Here are some things I finished or am working on this month.
Top Left: 30th Anniversary of meeting my husband at Diablo Canyon.
Top Right: Dish Mat #1. It was made with my experimental design and so far I am loving it.
Mid Right: Dish Mat #2 that was gifted to my sister to try out.
Bottom Right: Dish Mat #3 that is going to my son as a first post collage apartment warming gift. We leave for Bham this afternoon. The box holds his newly minted diploma. Hoping to make it by a frame shop while we are visiting. He needs to get this thing on his office wall!
Mid Bottom: My ALYOF June and July goal. I'm about half done with the quilting.
Bottom Left: My Star Challenge block. This was my first attempt at paper piecing. I will be doing more.

And now for my new toy!

This was offered for FREE by a member of my quilt guild. Thank you so much Diann! She is upgrading to a Long Arm after about 3 years of using this. It was gifted to her by her MIL when she upgraded. Someday it will be gifted by me. Will it be due to an upgrade or a this-just-aint-for me realization? Time will tell.

Location looks pretty formal doesn't it. 

Not long ago this room looked like this. It is the last pocket of traditional I have left in my home. In my heart I have never felt comfortable in a traditional setting. Augusta is just such an over the top traditional place that I tried to go with the flow for years. I rebelled about 10 years ago and started purging and replacing. I have only kept the dining room furniture because I had to have something to fill the formal dining space that is found in a majority of the homes in this area.

I had an epiphany a few weeks ago and came up with a great way to shuffle the various dining tables and chairs to transform this room from a "Sewing Room" back into a "Dining Room" for Master's Week rental.

We have double front doors so the Grace frame can be carted out the front door and stored in the garage in one piece. This is such a better solution than figuring out how to store a queen bed.

I have the formal furniture listed on Craig's List. I am going to look into finding a consignment shop. Right now the different pieces are scattered all over my house. I can seat six in my Master Bedroom.

I keep getting asked why I am not using it to quilt my ALYOF goal. Well, the frame's old owner had it set up in king and I have it in queen length. She gave me the king leaders but I do not want to cut them since they are the expensive Grace set and not homemade. I found a tutorial by Just So Olivia on making your own and have purchased the ticking. It's a serger project. I love using my serger!

I also purchased this adorable fabric at Hancock's to practice on. It was on the sale table and I could not have purchased muslin for less. 

Cupcake update.

Hubby made it in time for Key Lime Pie last week. 

Son #2 got to it before I did so I had to recreate it.

It had a slice of real lime on top and a yummy pie filling in the middle.I'm taking his word on that, I'm not a KLP fan myself.

We haven't had any cupcakes this week.

Grand Total: 15 (39 to go)

I just want you to know, I am not eating all of these!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I'm loving my dish mat! I even look forward to washing dishes by hand just so I have a reason to leave it out on my counter looks so pretty! I have waited a very long time to receive my quilted is very special go me. BTW Gayle I am expecting one of these yummy cupcakes the next time I visit...make mine KLP!

    1. You have to be here on Wednesday. KLP is one of their specials flavors and it may be a bit stale but l'll do my best!