Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Feeling WIPed

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I'm out of my element. In the past I have not had a list of ongoing projects. I pretty much start, work, finish (or abandon) and then move on to the next project. I think I have become a victim of blog exposure overload. I see so many cool projects and am inspired to start my own version. My list of WIPs is growing. Thankfully, so is my list of finishes!


Sale Table Quilt-I am more than halfway done with the FMQ.

Bird Embroidery-Third panel has less than an hour of stitching to go. Next steps will be piecing, quilting, binding and hanging on my studio wall. I have two more panels but I think I'll start on them after I have finished my first three panels.

Wedding Quilt-Fabric purchased! Design set! Now on to cutting.

Angel Embroidery-Haven't touched it lately.

Ancient Bags-Still in storage.

Window Treatments-This is new. I have five french doors and one door window to cover. I have the canvas cut for two. One is ironed and ready to stitch. These will go fast. I am doing a simple swedish blind. We will live in a fish bowl no more! You can get a sneak peek of my progress in my ironing board photo below.

Bento Bag- I have this ripped apart and plan to reuse the zippers and velcro for a cuter version. When I pulled out the plastic liner I found an interior zipper pocket that I didn't know about! I love this bag. It holds my phone, chap stick and Cliff Blocks. I won't have it finished by this weekend for the Blue Ridge Breakaway. Darn!


Leaders for my Grace rack. Since my studio is the first space you see upon entering our home I think the ticking was a great choice. It has a more finished decorator look. Thanks to Just Sew Olivia for the great tutorial.

 Ironing Board-I made this 2'x4' beauty on Sunday. I can't believe how much I love it.

Scissor Fobs-I made two and it was so much fun I will be making more!

The Bike:

I'm officially back on, but not steady yet.
I did the Ride for a Reason in Augusta, GA on Sunday.

I will be doing the Rabbit ride of the Blue Ridge Break Away this Saturday. Of course Hubby will be doing the Hawk again. I think he is crazy.

Future Projects:

I have the fabric for one of those adorable Fat Quarter Shop OPI Nail Polish Quilts. It will be for my niece and will feature a purple background just because her room "needs more purple" in her opinion to be more perfect.

I'm working up a little something for dog lovers out there. I'll share more when and if I get this off the ground.

Cup Cake update:

It's Wednesday again and Hubby stopped by Smallcakes for some Key Lime Pie. I'm a bit of a slow draw with the camera so you will once again need to use your imagination. Hubby keeps getting one for Son #2 and one for me. I think he does it so that he can fatten us up to make him look thinner!

Official Total:
17 down, 37 to go


  1. Love that little bird embroidery! So sweet!

  2. Thanks a bunch. It is a Heather Bailey design.

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  4. Don't forget you have an older niece who also loves nail polish and the color purple too ; )

  5. I am amazed at your projects! I am also a victim of blog exposure overload, to the point I'm paralyzed with wanting to do so many things.