Friday, February 5, 2016

Don't Sweat It

With the exception of a few very ambitious walks and a few spins on the Precor, that title may be my theme for 2016 if I don't get off my duff more often.

My quilty set up, which is visible beyond the elliptical, is even more neglected this year. The Juki spent weeks in my sewing room working on small projects and then went on retreat so the cradle has sat empty and alone for more than a month. 

It's hard to tell, but that is the latest episode of Sherlock on the iPad. Loved it!

So here is the final reveal of my Michael Miller Challenge that did not make the QuiltCon cut. My aversion to metallic fabrics only allowed me to use the Glitz to piece the word 'Glisten' so it is a little light on the feature fabrics.

The letters are paper pieced using Diane Bohn's My First Alphabet and the apostrophe is from her My Numbers & Punctuation. I purchased these on Craftsy.

All of the solids are in MM's Cotton Couture.

As I've mentioned before, the back is made with a Michael Miller fabric that I repurposed from a Tag Sale blouse purchase.

The 'photos' double as the tag.

I am very happy with this project and it is set to go keep my neglected elliptical, Juki and Grace Frame company in the bonus room. I am hoping this will give me the incentive to go visit my machines more often...say five times per week? I think a frequent glistening would do me good.

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