Sunday, August 24, 2014

There's A Girl in the Castle

"There's A Girl in the Castle!"

That is probably my husband's favorite line from Beauty and the Beast. It comes in handy in a house dominated by males when an errant female enters our home. Even if nobody says it, we are all thinking it.

Well, a new girl has found a home in our castle this weekend, and just like Belle, she was a bit of an unexpected surprise.

Here is a little sneak preview. I don't have time to go into detail now and she deserves the proper attention.  I will tell you she came in feeling kind of neglected.

I did add to my solids stash again this week. I have a little surprise in mind for a special little boy who likes super heroes. That's all you get here for now too. I guess I'm a bit tight lipped today.

I also had to pick up more Kona Snow. It's for the wedding quilt I finally have under way. I miss-cut the first chunk I purchased for the project. I am sure none of it will go to waste. I am one of those oh-so-common quilters out there who is addicted to that stuff.  

Here's my progress on the quilt top. I would have had it all sashed if I hadn't gotten so distracted by that gorgeous girl! 

It looks pretty promising for my ALYoF August Goal! 

Smallcakes Update

Hubby stopped off on Wednesday to surrender his punch card for a freebie and a Key Lime Pie. Notice that there is no lime slice on either of the cakes above. 

Apparently, Key Lime Pie is only a Wednesday flavor during the Summer! According to SmallCakes summer is over. I have news for them...I'm still sweating like a faucet, the thought of putting on long pants still make me nauseous and it's still summer to me!!!

Thanks a bunch for visiting.

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  1. Looking forward to the story on "the new girl" - she looks like one that used to reside in my Mom's bedroom. Oh how I wish I still had it! You have persuaded me to start buying Kona Snow - I must have it! The wedding quilt is gorgeous.