Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Update, July Goals and Sewing Space #2

Where did June go?  I missed the mark on my June Finish Goal for A Lovely Year of Finshes.  My week long trip to Washington State sure did take a bite out of my creative time. It didn't help that I came home full of nasty things I inhaled on the plane, my son passed around an even nastier tummy bug and I totally forgot that I would have catch-up work at the office.  

Here's some things that I did get done or started:
From top left traveling clockwise...Red Bird from Heather Bailey's Birds and Branches, June's ALYOF quilt top (I added the boarder on 6/30 but no photo), border cuts and my Yellow Bird, iPad pouch attempt #2, 5 pouches for my WA trip, Sis and me on the way home from WA. Not mending jag; Hubbies cycling jersey, Son #2's Chubbies shorts, my robe, and trimmed and serged some useless micro-fibre wash-clothes to fit my Swifter.
I also celebrated a birthday. I was born in 1960. I think my Sweetie may have shorted me 50 SmallCakes. I'll give him until the end of 2014 to make it up to me.

A Quilting first for me in June...I finally won something! Must have been the magic of my birthday month. Thank you so much Hema. I'm giving a sneak peek here but I will give it a full share a little later. 
My Prize!

Now for my July 2014 List of potential project:

1.   Experimental Bar Mops for a top secret project. If it works I will share. If it doesn't work...I'll probably share the failure anyway.

2.   Finish my ALYOF goal for last month. The top is complete with borders. I am still in the process of scribbling the back on graph paper. I haven't settled on a design yet.

3.   Start on that Wedding Quilt I have mentioned before. I have had another design change of heart. My goal is to at least have the fabric purchased by the end of July. I am giving myself a November 1st deadline since that is the original wedding date. Coincidentally, it is also my anniversary.

4. Start and finish a project using my newly won quilting bounty.
My July Goal is once again to finish completely the goal I set for June.  That would be project #2 in blue from above.
 Another Sewing Space share:

When I set up my sewing space after Master's 2013 I moved to the Rec/Bonus Room. Sorry, no photos of the setup.

I set up in that corner between the Dart Board and the Carom Board. The pool table was a great layout area until the guys wanted to play. The wool felt like to hang on to all the little bits of thread and fluff.

Then red leather chair and Ikea "Dave" was nice for handwork in front of the TV. How many "Daves" do you see in the above photo? Well, that's less than half of the number we own. We love those things. They are still available but they changed name. Too many name infringement lawsuits? They will always be "Dave" to us.
I stored my fabric and tools in that little black cabinet. But not everything. I still had things in the guest room. It's a long haul between these two spaces. More and more tools migrated over. It go pretty crowded.

I broke the area down for the stream of November and December visitors over the Holidays. I didn't set it up again. The next space has a bit of a sordid history. It started ugly, real ugly...
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