Monday, August 4, 2014

Sparkles and Spokes

My Southern Fabric Daily Deal order arrived just before we left for Birmingham, AL, to visit Son #1.  
That charm pack will be opened and mixed with some Kona as soon as I finish with the FMQ and binding on my current project. This will be my August ALOF goal.

Update on Work of Worth.  (For the background on WofW see this post.)

I finally got to get up close with the sari yarn. It is so beautiful. The color is so saturated and it is just as sparkly as I expected. 

Son #1 gave us a mini update on WofW and this lucious yarn is not yet available but it is in the pipeline for 2015. He is keeping up with their progress even though he is not working with WofW. He was asked to utilize his newly minted business degree with the organization he has been with for several years, Launch Global

We had a great visit in Bham. We helped put the finishing touches on the new kitchen in our son's apartment. It turned out beautiful. His landlords are really a blessing. You can see the dish mat I made him beside the stove. The caulk was still wet around the sink when this photo was taken.

On the drive over to Bham I signed Hubby and I up for the Blue Ridge Breakaway ride. He's doing the Hawk and I will be doing the Rabbit. I haven't seen much saddle time since December. From mid-December thru February it was medical. When I got cleared to ride again it was too rainy and then it was too hot and I was just too much of a baby to ride in anything but perfect conditions. Now I will be forced to get saddle time since I have to be ready for the mountains in a couple of weeks.

Our son has been out of the saddle since October. He shredded his hamstring playing Ultimate Frisbee this fall. His PT has improved his condition to the point where he is able to exercise again and  the three of us went to Oak Mountain and had a nice road ride. Next visit he should be ready to hit the mountain bike trails with Dad. 

Son #2 started a new job last week and he works 12 hours on Mondays. This was his first time and so I took his puppy, Evora, on a walk with Cooper. She's the 75lb 9 month old White German Shepherd Dog on the right. They have walked together many times with a person per dog but this was the first time I have manned both dogs at the same time. It went well. He's a natural Lefty and she's a natural Righty so they didn't cross up very often. We will make this a tradition since her dad won't have time to dote on her on Mondays anymore.

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  1. The WofW yarn is beautiful! I stumbled onto a very unique stitcher/artist who really needs to see this. Her blog is Mimilove...amazing talent! Can't wait to see what you do with that little charm pack ; )

  2. Love the charm pack colors. The yarn is gorgeous too.

  3. It's great to meet you via Lily's Quilts Blog Meet. Lovely blog!

  4. Hi! I am also pleased to meet you through Lily's Quilts Blog Meet. It is fun to meet new bloggers and stitchers! Love that sari silk, such beautiful colours!!