Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Unofficial Q2 Finish-A-Long List

I missed the link-up deadline for the Q2 Finish-A-Long. It's been a rough couple of months and my quilting and social media accounts have been a bit neglected.

So, just for my own accountability, I'm going to post my list anyway.

QOV/Mystery at the Library:  
All quilted now and just needs to be trimmed, bound and labeled.

Three Flimsies from my MIL to finish and donate:
Pink, Yellow and Bright. The Juki is back in action piecing so these won't be touched until it gets installed on the Grace frame again. I do have all the backing, batting and binding in house so they are set to go.

Christmas Tree Pants:
Front and back set to go. I'm not very motivated now that my kids are grown and our house is no longer "Christmas Central." The baton has been passed to my nephew since his home is the one with all the family 'littles' so far. 

Lotta Baby Blocks:
Another project that isn't critical. It will be donated but my Guild's charity is quilt flush right now so it can sit until they call for more or we choose another group to donate to.

Cotton & Steel Basics Dog Gone Cute:
Still plugging away at these cuties. I've changed this from a mini to a child's quilt so it will be with me for a bit longer.

Melanie's Quilt:
No official deadline on this but I am shooting for a finish before September.

Christmas Pizza Box Pillow:
This is from a workshop I did with my traditional guild. I'm hoping to have two pillows done in time to gift this Christmas.

#Maythe4thMQS swap extra:
My actual mini is done. I even remembered to sigh it! This is a quickie project and I would say it sits at 1/3 complete as I type. I will most likely be mailing it tomorrow.

I took her class last week so I can make a Top Secret project. I chose the Oh Deer pattern as my freebie so that I could test out the technique before I embark on the biggie. This will be sent as a 'Thank You' gift to the couple who hosted my son and DIL's wedding in their barn last summer. I was going to make a pieced barn mini but I think this will be much more casual elegant and fit their theme better. BTW, the class was very informative and fun!

Secret Project:
This was started to enter into a contest offered by the Augusta MQG and hosted at Branum's, our LQS. I had to abandon it when my sister and I had to spend a week in our home state due to a family emergency but it is also planned as a gift so it will get finished, eventually. Unofficial November deadline.

Tula True Colors Placemat:
Still in the bag and I have changed the back and binding out multiple times. I bought some more Tula while vacationing in the NC mountains during Master's Week so it will probably change again! 

Yeah, I signed up for this:
I need to order my solids. It will definitely be an eye popper!

AMQG Round Robin Blocks:
I would like to have the flimsy complete to share at our May meeting.

Shannon Brinkley Super Secret Project:
The book is ordered and tracking says it will be here tomorrow. I have all the materials and supplies to complete this project.
(No photo but, in the spirit of all the above projects including a photo I have added one of my #tulatruecolorsswap mini in action during our camping trip.)

April, May and June Nurture Circle do.Good Stitches blocks:
The photo is of the blocks I made for March.

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