Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tips on Tuesday-2

If you've been following me, and let's face it, not many are, you know that I love glue basting. I even bought a pair of the original glue tips from Purple Daisies. They are great, you should get some too. Go check them out.

What no lids?!?! How can you have glue without an air-proof seal?

My first try was a cute plastic tipped straight pin despite the warnings. Yuck, they were spot on. I had rust in short order and had to wash out my tip.

My next solution...blue painters tape.

So not cute!

I've read a few others use the end of a plastic tag hanger. Not my favorite idea, too close to using something that should be in the trash can. I even had a good source for getting clean, unused tag hangers. Son #2 checks in the stock at a certain chain dress store that has a limited color selection. Would you like that in b**** or w****?

Then I came across this Post at Bee in My Bonnet and you can just picture the light bulb above my head. Can you see it?

I don't knit, but I have tried with disastrous results mind you, and I had some of those little rubber tippy things. So I went to my little stash of disastrous craft supplies. Yes, I still had the little buggers! They are not as cute as Lori Holts tips but whose stuff is anyway. If Martha doesn't already have it, Lori does and she's painted it!

Then I had the thought..embroidery scissors...got 'em and they hang out in the ugly little slip case  they came with.  They need a little TLC too.

So, Ive gone from this...

...to this.

And now the only thing shockingly naked are my knitting needles.

I also thought those foam ear plugs would do the trick if you don't have knitting needle tips or you do but they are in use because you happen to be a mutant who can knit! I'm so jealous.

So there's my Tip for Tuesday, August 26, 2014.

Now if you've gone to Purple Daisies lately you will notice that the new tips they sell come with little foam covers. They didn't back in the day when I bought mine. (March of 2014 I believe)

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  1. Now I'll have to go buy knitting needles to get those tips. Then I'll need to learn to knit. ;)

  2. Thanks for the great tip for the tip! I just got my tips and have used one once. I tried to wash it and blow it dry. I even bought canned air. That will be a great backup, but I may not need it now that I have dug out my old knitting needle covers. I knit, but rarely use those things.

  3. Hi! This is great! Thank you for sharing yet another way to keep the clogs away. Our new Ultra Fine Flex Tips do come with toppers. The only thing not to use is a straight pen. It rusts and turns your glue brown. (Don't ask how I know ;) ). Thanks again! Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do to help. Lots of quilty love, ~Cristy