Thursday, August 21, 2014

Emma's Quilt

This is a scrappy quilt of my own design that I made in March of 2014 for the baby of a young lady that befriended Son #2 when they were toddlers at Sunday School. Through the years I have had the pleasure of spending time with her as her Sunday School teacher, GIA leader, Awana leader, VBS leader and as a MS and HS Youth leader. It was such a pleasure making this quilt for her little girl, Emma.

It is a scrappy quilt that I designed on the fly.

It was my first attempt at free flow design and I did not piece this thing efficiently.

I started strip piecing but ran out of some of the fabrics and had to substitute an alternate pattern in the same color to continue the continuity. This meant that I had to cut the stripped panel into the thinner strips and then add pieces individually. Once I had my desired width I offset the strips by three blocks by removing a section at one end and adding to the other side end. 
This created a rolling pattern that I really like. 

I backed it with a piece of Ludovika I purchased at Ikea. I was trying to get the ever popular Britten Nummer but they were out so I picked up a collection that they had marked down. 

I want to make this again but change the order of the stripes so that they white 
and color widths are in the opposite direction.

 This is a tag I made on printable fabric that I have used on several projects.

The back grown is Kona Snow and the Binding is from the Comma collection by Zen Chic. 
Machine finished as always.

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  1. How fun for your to witness a young girl become a young woman and now a young mommy. What a true blessing.

  2. I love your design. The colors are so well placed and attractive against the white background. I had no idea that IKEA had fabric!