Monday, August 18, 2014

Ride Like a Rabbit

Warning, the top of this post is "pedal". Skip down for the sewing update.

We had a great biking weekend in the blue Ridge Mountains. Well, Hubby actually biked on the parkway. I, on the other hand, kept to the low lands. I'm a wimp, soft and fluffy like a bunny. That's why I did the "Rabbit."
Rabbit - 25.8 miles, Total Elevation Gain: 1200 Feet
Hubby did the "Hawk."
Hawk - Century - 105.7 miles, Total Elevation Gain: 9600 Feet 

Me pretending to wear my new ride T-shirt. I never wear them. I have grand plans to up-cycle them but  I never seem to get around to it.  They are taking up valuable drawer space.

I have a thing for Rabbits and GTI's. I saw this cutie at the ride. Had to text a pic to my #2 Son. He's a big fan too.

I didn't beat my time from last year. I had some issues. I forgot my phone in the hotel room and lost time making calls to see if my sister could bring it to me. No luck. Had to do the whole ride unwired! I can't believe I survived. No STRAVA!

Hubby showed up at my rest stop just as I was leaving. I ended up staying longer to visit with him. I had a feeling I might see him there. Last year I saw him speed by in a group of fast riders without stopping. This year he hooked up with a local group of riders. He and a buddy were faster than the bunch and he spent a lot of time waiting for the group at rest stops. He ended up with a longer ride finish time but his rolling time was shorter than last year.

We stayed at the Lake Junaluska Conference Center. I chose the apartments because they reminded me of the roadside motels of my childhood. It was pretty sparse but we had two rooms so my sister and BIL had a place to stay with us. They drove down from TN to cheer us on. We didn't have TV or WiFi.

Here is my fake second finish. Sis and BIL missed me the first time through.

SEWING starts here...

When I got home I put together this floor plan for my work-in-progress studio/dining room.
It has to be easily converted from a sewing studio to a dining room for Master's Rental Week. I think this will be very workable. I hope to do a reveal soon. Three things have to come into alignment before I can put this plan together.

1. I still need to move out the old formal furniture. Craig's List has been silent so far. I'm moving on to plan #2. Decorator consignment shops. Pray that I can get one to take the behemoth.

2. Get a new sewing machine. This looks like it will happen within the next three weeks. Yes!!!

3. Go to Ikea for one more cute storage piece. (Hint-the cabinet in front of the left window is not yet in my possession)

I visited The Quilters Quarters in Waynesville, NC and picked up this yard from Me and My Sister Weeds collection. It was a very friendly shop.

Still working on my Swedish Blinds. Here's my mock-up on the front door. I really like the light that comes through the canvas. I have all panels cut. Two sewn. Two ready to sew. Two ready to iron. They are moving fast.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I enjoyed watching your finish! :)
    Good luck on Craigslist. I don't feel comfortable until the furniture is sold, out the driveway, and down the road (and money in hand.)
    What kind of sewing machine have you decided on?
    When we were rearranging, I tried to find some kind of free CAD or room planning program online and finally did the graph paper with colored shapes like you did.
    Looking forward to the reveal!