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I'm Gayle and I reside in Georgia. I have a husband and two twenty-something sons. Son #1 lives in Alabama and is engaged to be married in June 2015. Son #2 lives at home with his super-shedder White German Shepherd Dog. We also have an adorable Jack Russell Terrier and an outside only calico cat.

I started quilting heavily because I had more time and energy to devote to a hobby once I was finished home schooling my two boys. I also work about 3/4 time at our commercial general contracting firm.

I consider myself a Modern Quilter but I love all kinds of quilting styles. I have been a member of a traditional guild since January 2014 and I love the fellowship.  I have been a member of a modern guild since September 2014.

Pedals I Push:

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  1. Nice! I have a few of the same machines. My main girl, Wilma, is a Babylock Quilters Choice Pro. She is very similar to your Juki. I have a tan 301 named Lucy, a Featherweight named Viola Davis, a Riccar named Coco, and a Viking named Roger MacKenzie.