Thursday, June 25, 2015

I am Going to A Wedding

Son #1 is getting married this weekend. I am not going to have time to sew or blog. I wanted to take this time to show a quilt that I made for a a sweet couple's wedding in my early quilting and pre-blogging days. 

The Bride's maiden name has "Bird" in it and so I chose Oh Dear because it was the only current fabric I could find that featured birds that was readily available.

I bought my first Layer Cake and some yardage and made up the pattern.

I printed up these too cute labels. The quilting is a serpentine stitch with my walking foot on my tired old Viking 1100 in a multi-colored variegated thread.

I can't believe I didn't take better pictures. This is my third large quilt Finish!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Second Wave-New Quilters Blog Hop

It's Week two of the New Quilters Blog Hop and even though my week is over I wanted to keep in the spirit of the event and show my love to my faithful leaders and New Bee Hive mates by sharing their links.

Don't forget to hit Their "HOME" buttons to see their most recent posts.

Faithful Leaders:

Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs     (My Hive Queen)
Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl
Stephanie @ Late Night Quilter
Terri Ann @ Childlike Fascination

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New Bee Hive Mates:

The current crop of bloggers-
Week 2  - Monday June 22nd
Eileen @

The Bloggers yet to share-
Week 3 – Monday July 13th

Week 4 – Monday July 22nd

And, My crop from last week's share-
Week 1 - Monday June 15th Last
Gayle @ (That's Me!)

Now for a little bonus I'm going to share a little secret related to my blog in some way each blog hop share week.

Today's Secret:
The Hubs and I shave our legs with the same razor.

No, we don't share the same wardrobe. The reason can be found in my blog title.

Hint:  If this was his blog the title would be Pedal Sew Hardly.

No, that still describes a blog for me since, you may have noticed, I'm a little "light" on the bike related posts.

How about Pedal Sew Heavily.

No, unfortunately, that's still a better title for me. Darn. 

I'm going to have to consult the thesaurus since the antonyms in my head aren't working out so well. Excuse me, I'll be back shortly.

No luck, so I'm going with:

Pedal Sew Every Free Moment for Miles and Miles Very Fast

It's not quite as elegant as Pedal Sew Lightly but it works.

Now, for the non-bicyclist readers, to answer your burning question:
What do cyclist wear under those Lycra shorts?
It's the same answer you get with kilts...Nothing, Nada, Commando...

I can't vouch that that is the correct answer for kilts but I can state from personal knowledge that it is a fact for padded Lycra shorts.

That wasn't your burning question you say?
Well, it was until you read that my husband shaves his legs!

I'll try again...
Why do bicyclists shave their legs?

They will tell you things like:
So the Lycra doesn't pull the hairs. Ouch!
To make the application of embrocation easier.
Embrocation!!!! What's that? Now that is a "burning" question.
To facilitate therapeutic post-ride massage.

But I know the real answer:
To show off those amazing legs!!!

We didn't always share the same razor. I like to buy the Bic Soleil Color Collection because it has 4 girl-centric colors and 4 boy-centric colors.

I color code my family so I thought this would work for us but unfortunately my Hubs seems to be quite comfortable in his masculinity and he would invariably replace his boy-razor with one of my girl-razors.

Now, there would be two pink or purple razors in the shower and I would lose track of which one was mine and frankly, I don't think he ever gave a flip over which one he used. So, to cut down on shower clutter I eventually threw in the towel (more shower humor) and started sharing.

All I can say is it's a good thing we have our own drawers to store our tooth brushes in!

Look what the Hubs brought home from the Cherohala Challenge:

I tried to sneak a photo of the slick legs that powered him through the famous North Carolina road known as the "Tail of the Dragon" plus an additional 104 miles but he was getting suspicious so you'll have to take my word for it...they're spectacular. 

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I'm not done yet...

Some of you organizing freak types may be fixating on "I color code my family" so I'll have to share that in a later post.

I understand that there may be some complaints about the lack of fabric in this post, but I want to remind you that I did mention Lycra three times, make that four now.

But since I value all my quilty followers I'll share one more thing...

I added this FQ bundle of Tula Pink to my stash!

They are "beautiful like a rainbow."

Now my official:

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Happy Father's Day!!!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Block Parties

I'm one of those quilters who likes to give away more of my makes than I keep. I tend to construct whole quilts for charities but I have donated the occasional orphan block as well.

I feel like I'm a bit late to the party but I really wanted to get involved in a few charity hives so I could have a good excuse to make some fun blocks each month and have a part in more charity quilting. I imagine it will be fun to see something finished monthly that I've had a hand in making.

So, I filled out the Do. good stitches application and I finally got my email from Rachel a few weeks ago. I almost lost my chance to be part of the Nurture Group because I misread their mission statement. I thought they wanted whole quilts instead of blocks!

Thankfully Rachel set me straight and I got myself setup on Flickr and read my first assignment.

For June we are each to make two of these incredible Inside Out Pineapple blocks designed by Louise Wackerman of I'm Feelin' Crafty who happens to be the Queen of our group.

This  great pattern is available for download on Craftsy HERE!

As you can see I have finished my June blocks. Well, sort of, I still have to pick the paper out before they will be ready to mail.  No problem, Hubs is heading to TN for the Cherohola Challenge and I'll be home with Son #1 and Son #2 tonight, which will be like being home alone since they are big, grownup boys.

The Augusta Modern Quilt Guild has launched a new Challenge Quilt activity. We are using the new Cotton and Steel Black & White collection with a few extras thrown in.

Here's my selection:

We drew blind for the CS prints and then we were allowed to add in a specific cut of black, White RK Quilters Linen and the Carolyn Friedlander Black Crosshatch. I had the white and crosshatch in my stash and I purchased a 1/4 yard of the black. 

Now I have to come up with some 12.5" blocks to make. I have one picked out already.

This challenge is not a charity project, this is selfish sewing. For each block I submit I get a ticket for the drawing to win a dozen of the blocks we make. I'm hoping for a win this time! I LOVE these fabrics.

Oh, and just so you know, we do have skin in the game, we have to purchase the fabric.

So, now I'm off to go Mother-of-the-Groom dress shopping!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop-I'm a New Bee!

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I am so blessed to be a part of the 2015 New Bloggers Blog Hop this year!

Last year I was a brand spankin' newbie quilt blogger with just a couple of posts under my belt when I applied on the late side for this hop and I got a big ole fat rejection email. So sad...but I understood and I picked myself up, sat back down in my rolly chair and continued to pluck away at my mighty keyboard for the next year. I eventually loosened up a bit and let my personality and humor flow into my posts and I quickly amassed a sizable and loyal following. 

Well, maybe I'm not that humorous because that last part may or may not be true...Ok, it's not true but a girl can dream. But, anyway, I'm part of the hop this year and I may have to pinch myself to see if I'm really dreaming cuz my Bloglovin graph is going up,up,up!

And for that I owe a big thanks to our faithful leaders,

Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs     (My Hive Queen)
Stephanie @ Late Night Quilter

These guys have been so helpful and generous with their time and knowledge. Make sure you go visit their sites and show them some well deserved love. You can say Gayle sent you.

For those of you visiting me for the first time, let me say: 


and now I'll introduce myself.

I'm a Pacific Northwesterner transplanted in the South in 1985. Yep you read that right, 1985. Maybe I need to lose the PNW label after all these years but, gosh darn, I can't help it, I've never felt at home with all the antebellum and chintz charm in these parts.  Other than the predominate southern design style, I really do feel comfortable here. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, I still find the humidity overpowering. I grew up around the sand and tumbleweeds in Southwestern Washington State so I can hardly breath this thick air. Gasp!

I'm a pretty new quilter for my advanced age. I homeschooled my kids from K to 12 and that's about all I could handle during those years. I am not a Super Mom, just the garden variety type mom who couldn't even manage to plant one. So once my youngest was finished I sort of floundered around until my MIL helped me find my quilting destiny. You can read more about that story here

This is one of my favorite finished quilts. I made it for my husband but he rarely gets to use it because I seem to be wrapped in it whenever we laze around the living room. My attachment may be a little unhealthy because I turn the fan on in the summer just so I can snuggle under it. You can read more about this quilt here

I am also so partial to my car that I made a quilt for it. It seems a number of quilter's share my soft spot for VW Rabbits! This post is worth a read if you are a fan.

Here are a few more samples of my work...

Let me share a blogging tip:

Blog readers love to read about foyers so make sure you share yours. I know this because my first reader spike came when I posted this...

But just in case you don't have a foyer to share I'll give you a second tip...

Don't post tiny photos!

I stole that one from Mollie Sparkles. My blogging skills are still in the trial and error phase but that tidbit was an early slap in the face for me.

And a quilting tip...

Get a vintage straight stitch Singer sewing machine. 

I love, love, love my Singer 301A for piecing. So much so that I now have two!

I'm supposed to mention a dream vacation spot here but for me the dream is not where but in what.


I have a confession, Pedal Sew Lightly is my second blog attempt. My first blog was called Ether Bourn and it covers our time with our 2004 Airstream International CCD and our 2005 Airstream Sprinter Westfalia. Both of which are sadly sold and sorely missed. We also have a YouTube channel called FamInACan with some cute videos from our cross country trip in the CCD.

So, my dream is to get another Airstream CCD so that the Hubs and I can bike and camp to our hearts content.

Please visit all my New Bee hop mates too!

Week 1 - Monday June 15th
Gayle @ (That's Me!)

Sarah's the smarty pants with the skills to make that fabulous "New Bees" button at the top of my post. Me, I just copy and paste HTML I find in various locals and close my eyes and pray that my blog doesn't implode when I hit save. 

Week 2  - Monday June 22nd

Week 3 – Monday July 13th

Week 4 – Monday July 22nd

I upgraded my social icons up there in the righthand column this week so feel free to test them out. Just pretend that I'm not trying to trick you into following me. 

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Love Potion Fit for Charlene Darling

Meet the #marryinfahrions otherwise known as Son #1 and his fiancé on my blog. They are set to be married later this month on a beautiful farm in rural Alabama.

We live in Georgia and though she is from AL, her parents moved to Washington State just before she graduated from high school. With the parents of the bride flying in and since I was already planning for the rehearsal dinner, it just makes sense for me to plan the decor for the reception as well.

My plan is to top the tables with an eclectic mix of jars, humble decorative glass pieces, some ceramics, and a few metallic pieces. I will use some vintage linens I have collected from family as toppers, add in some blue gingham and fill the vessels with candles and simple flowers.

Sounds good but I needed a lot more pieces than I already owned so I have been picking them up at estate sales. I also plan to use Mason jars but I do not want them to dominate the table-scapes. I've managed to amass quite the collection of pretty things. Isn't this blue cream and sugar adorable!

My cutting table is covered with all the sparklies right now so I can't finish up my practice princess quilt. It still needs to be squared and bound before I can hand it off to the local Ronald McDonald House. 

Now that I have the quilt off the Grace frame I think my pantograph work looks a bit better. It should get another visual boost after I wash it so I am pretty content with it.

I quilted the front with a soft pink cotton Mettler thread I had in my stash.

In the bobbin I used some Superior Bottom Line thread that was gifted to me with my Juki. It is very quiet on the back but I have a thing for cotton. Once I use the giant spool up I doubt I will ever purchase it again.

UPDATE: This quilt is now finished and ready to donate!

Now, back to the wedding decor...

I went to another sale on Friday and found two things that I had on my list for decorations.

One: blue gingham. I figured I'd have to purchase some at one of the big box stores but I found about six yards for $3! That was an unexpected surprise! 

Two: small bottles to tuck sprigs in. Finding these would be a long shot but I got lucky and hit a small jackpot. I found seven and I am pretty sure they are vintage.

Two are Edison Battery Oil bottles. Two look like little milk bottles and share the same markings on the bottom but one is a pop top and the other a twist off. One shows age and is tinted green. One is a slightly decorative cheap cologne bottle with age and a recognizable mark on the bottom. But the last is my favorite.

It reads:
Hoyt Co., Inc. Perfumers, Lowell New York, Memphis

After a little research it seems that this ten cent cologne was considered some kind of lucky hoodoo charm and love potion in some parts of the south.  It made me wonder if Charlene Darling knew about the Hoyt magic? Probably not or she would have had better luck courtin' Andy. 

Seriously, I love the Andy Griffith Darling episodes but I am not the least bit superstitious. It's just such a colorful and fun back story that I had to share.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Panto-monium

wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.
Don't we all experience a little pandemonium in our lives from time to time? 
Well, I'm in the middle of my first bout of "pantomonium."
Last summer I was the lucky and thankful recipient of a Grace Quilting frame. You can read my original post here for the background story.
The original nylon tracks were a bit bent and beat up from years of use and all the set-ups and break-downs that had occurred over the years so I took some advice I found on the Grace Machine Quilting Yahoo Group and replaced them with stainless steel rods.
It only cost me $16! Only because I got the insider price for being a general contractor. Cheap good will for them because it worked. We do plan to do business with them next time we have the need.

I have wanted to try some pantograph work since I got the frame but was hindered by the poor tracking. The steel really upped the maneuverability of the carriage, but it is still not akin to a mid or long arm setup.  I felt it was time to try my hand using a panto since I had the laser and the stylus for such work.

I chose this Free Lisa H. Calle download since it has a wide open sweeping design that looked fairly simple. It was a good choice.

I loaded on the Heather Ross Crafty Cloe piece I bought off the sale table at Hancock's (not of Paducah) to use for practice. I have to say that I have gotten quite adept at loading quilts on the frame. This one is just about perfect and that gave me hope that I might be able to maneuver the carriage a bit more gracefully with my new tracks considering this will be my third quilt since the upgrade.

No such luck. I have a long way to go but I am hoping that once it comes off the frame all the little wobbles will blend together and not be so obvious.

It is such a good thing I am not a perfectionist. I just love the process too much to give up when things don't look perfect. 

This quilt will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House and I know one day there will be a little girl who will fall in love with that spunky little girl on a unicorn. 

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