Friday, June 19, 2015

Block Parties

I'm one of those quilters who likes to give away more of my makes than I keep. I tend to construct whole quilts for charities but I have donated the occasional orphan block as well.

I feel like I'm a bit late to the party but I really wanted to get involved in a few charity hives so I could have a good excuse to make some fun blocks each month and have a part in more charity quilting. I imagine it will be fun to see something finished monthly that I've had a hand in making.

So, I filled out the Do. good stitches application and I finally got my email from Rachel a few weeks ago. I almost lost my chance to be part of the Nurture Group because I misread their mission statement. I thought they wanted whole quilts instead of blocks!

Thankfully Rachel set me straight and I got myself setup on Flickr and read my first assignment.

For June we are each to make two of these incredible Inside Out Pineapple blocks designed by Louise Wackerman of I'm Feelin' Crafty who happens to be the Queen of our group.

This  great pattern is available for download on Craftsy HERE!

As you can see I have finished my June blocks. Well, sort of, I still have to pick the paper out before they will be ready to mail.  No problem, Hubs is heading to TN for the Cherohola Challenge and I'll be home with Son #1 and Son #2 tonight, which will be like being home alone since they are big, grownup boys.

The Augusta Modern Quilt Guild has launched a new Challenge Quilt activity. We are using the new Cotton and Steel Black & White collection with a few extras thrown in.

Here's my selection:

We drew blind for the CS prints and then we were allowed to add in a specific cut of black, White RK Quilters Linen and the Carolyn Friedlander Black Crosshatch. I had the white and crosshatch in my stash and I purchased a 1/4 yard of the black. 

Now I have to come up with some 12.5" blocks to make. I have one picked out already.

This challenge is not a charity project, this is selfish sewing. For each block I submit I get a ticket for the drawing to win a dozen of the blocks we make. I'm hoping for a win this time! I LOVE these fabrics.

Oh, and just so you know, we do have skin in the game, we have to purchase the fabric.

So, now I'm off to go Mother-of-the-Groom dress shopping!

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  1. Oh those are such cool blocks! The Cotton + Steel black and white is fine stuff. And yay for selfish sewing! Good luck on your dress shopping. For my daughter's 2014 wedding I chose something completely out of my comfort zone and loved it. Have fun!

  2. Love this inside out pineapple blocks. They are so striking. They'd look really cool with an ombré effect too.

  3. Wow those blocks are great. They look like they will be a challenge to piece.
    Hope you win the blocks!! Post a pic when you choose your MOG dress. I want to go to this wedding vicariously. ;-)

  4. love the design. The bright colors really pop against the white.

  5. How fun! I've only ever donated my orphan blocks to guilds. I'm curious to see if my current group can use them.

  6. Love those Inside Out Pineapple blocks (can't resist crisp looking blocks). I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win the blocks in your other challenge. I hope you had fun MOG dress shopping. (Was it a success?)

  7. I love that block! Thank you for the link for the free pattern.