Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A View from My Foyer

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This is what greats a visiter when they enter our home.

I have been in the process of letting my sewing space take over our dining room for almost a year. It started with setting up tables straddling the dining room and foyer to sew Christmas projects last December. I was against that door trim you see below, a mere 2 1/2 feet from our front door.

The stack of unfinished projects, two quilts and a Nested Churn Dash pillow, are finished! Just waiting for some sun to shine so I can shoot some photos to share.

Then I moved under that window on the right by the door to the kitchen. The dining furniture was still in place but I kept pushing it around as I added more sewing furniture. Then I got the Grace Quilting Frame and the dining room was officially dismantled. I have the lovely mahogany and cherry furniture listed on Craig's List but for now it is spread out all around our first floor. As you can see the table is still in the dining room as it is a bit difficult to tuck it anywhere else. 

As I have posted before, we rent our home out for the Master's Golf Tournament the first full week of April each year. My studio must be constructed in a way that will allow me to revert this room into a legit dining room for that week. That means that all my sewing furniture must be light so that we can cart it out our front double doors and stow it in the garage for Master's Week.

That also means the hutch with my Friendly Village collection needs to remain. In my last home it was in the kitchen but this house has no wall space! It has been crammed into the dining room with a sideboard and table for six since we moved into this house. 

The hutch was an anniversary gift from my husband and is not leaving my possession. I love my dish collection so it stays. The mahogany/cherry pieces, on the other hand, need to leave. They are beautiful and I wish someone would see them on CL and take them off my hands.

Do you notice anything funny about that light fixture? No shades, just exposed bulbs. I despised the tan opaque glass and they sucked up too much light. The shades are stored in my linen closet.  There were sconces above our fireplace that looked like roaches to me and owls to my husband when we moved in and we replaced them lightening fast. This fixture was originally not that objectionable to me but now it needs to go so that I can get more light in this room for evening sewing. As you can see I do not lack daylight but I do lack space for a design wall!

Notice how nice and clean the floor looks? No thread or fabric bits. You can blame or thank Evora for that. She's the white German Shepherd Dog lounging under the tables. I sweep daily in an effort to contain her shedding. It doesn't work. She has shedding down to an art.

Yes, this room is grass green. Unfortunately, I am going to have to paint it a more neutral color. My powder room is the same happy color so it won't completely go away.

You can see my three WIPs in the above photo. I actually finished binding that top one tonight!

Above you can see how close and exposed this mess is to my entry. With those double french doors there is no way to hide it. See Cooper the JRT perched on one of our stowed dining chairs by the front door. He will miss that perch when the furniture sells.

Here is my garage sale score from this weekend. I love this little mid-century number. I want to get two more night stands to tuck under the frame for storage. I'd like to not get in the habit of tucking plastic bins in that space. I also need to spiff up those 4x4 risers that were gifted with the frame. I need the height so they have to stay. I'm going to router the edges smooth and paint them.

Now that I have exposed my mess to you I have to confess that it doesn't look like that anymore. The hutch is in its new spot and the sewing furniture is placed for better flow. But that reveal will be for another day.

 Now for another teaser:

I'm working on a tutorial and here is my supply photo. I hope to have it out next week.

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  1. I love seeing other quilters' sewing spaces: thanks for sharing!

  2. I actually didn't notice the naked bulbs. I was just admiring the fixture! Love your space and looking forward to update photos as well as the tutorial!
    I hear you on the white dog hair. Our dog is white with black spots - if I vacuumed every hour it wouldn't help.

  3. I love love LOVE seeing other quilter's sewing spaces. I love that green, but I can understand how it might be better to have a more neutral color in your studio.

  4. What a bright space! Love all those windows and the grass green walls. Thanks for sharing a peek into your sewing world. It's nice to see where you create!

  5. I have a white husky, so I absolutely know what you're saying about the shedding. Luckily, he lives upstairs & I do my sewing downstairs, but I have almost a panic about anything hitting the floors. A pillow from the couch, for example. As soon as it hits the floor, it's covered in hair.

  6. My dog is a chocolate color and sheds like crazy! There is no way I can eliminate all the loose hair which floats and lands everywhere. Why do you need to paint your wonderful green walls? My house is full of brightly painted walls! The colors were chosen from a piece of fabric I had in my stash.