Sunday, June 21, 2015

Second Wave-New Quilters Blog Hop

It's Week two of the New Quilters Blog Hop and even though my week is over I wanted to keep in the spirit of the event and show my love to my faithful leaders and New Bee Hive mates by sharing their links.

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Faithful Leaders:

Cheryl @ Meadow Mist Designs     (My Hive Queen)
Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl
Stephanie @ Late Night Quilter
Terri Ann @ Childlike Fascination

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New Bee Hive Mates:

The current crop of bloggers-
Week 2  - Monday June 22nd
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The Bloggers yet to share-
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And, My crop from last week's share-
Week 1 - Monday June 15th Last
Gayle @ (That's Me!)

Now for a little bonus I'm going to share a little secret related to my blog in some way each blog hop share week.

Today's Secret:
The Hubs and I shave our legs with the same razor.

No, we don't share the same wardrobe. The reason can be found in my blog title.

Hint:  If this was his blog the title would be Pedal Sew Hardly.

No, that still describes a blog for me since, you may have noticed, I'm a little "light" on the bike related posts.

How about Pedal Sew Heavily.

No, unfortunately, that's still a better title for me. Darn. 

I'm going to have to consult the thesaurus since the antonyms in my head aren't working out so well. Excuse me, I'll be back shortly.

No luck, so I'm going with:

Pedal Sew Every Free Moment for Miles and Miles Very Fast

It's not quite as elegant as Pedal Sew Lightly but it works.

Now, for the non-bicyclist readers, to answer your burning question:
What do cyclist wear under those Lycra shorts?
It's the same answer you get with kilts...Nothing, Nada, Commando...

I can't vouch that that is the correct answer for kilts but I can state from personal knowledge that it is a fact for padded Lycra shorts.

That wasn't your burning question you say?
Well, it was until you read that my husband shaves his legs!

I'll try again...
Why do bicyclists shave their legs?

They will tell you things like:
So the Lycra doesn't pull the hairs. Ouch!
To make the application of embrocation easier.
Embrocation!!!! What's that? Now that is a "burning" question.
To facilitate therapeutic post-ride massage.

But I know the real answer:
To show off those amazing legs!!!

We didn't always share the same razor. I like to buy the Bic Soleil Color Collection because it has 4 girl-centric colors and 4 boy-centric colors.

I color code my family so I thought this would work for us but unfortunately my Hubs seems to be quite comfortable in his masculinity and he would invariably replace his boy-razor with one of my girl-razors.

Now, there would be two pink or purple razors in the shower and I would lose track of which one was mine and frankly, I don't think he ever gave a flip over which one he used. So, to cut down on shower clutter I eventually threw in the towel (more shower humor) and started sharing.

All I can say is it's a good thing we have our own drawers to store our tooth brushes in!

Look what the Hubs brought home from the Cherohala Challenge:

I tried to sneak a photo of the slick legs that powered him through the famous North Carolina road known as the "Tail of the Dragon" plus an additional 104 miles but he was getting suspicious so you'll have to take my word for it...they're spectacular. 

Thanks for visiting!

I'm not done yet...

Some of you organizing freak types may be fixating on "I color code my family" so I'll have to share that in a later post.

I understand that there may be some complaints about the lack of fabric in this post, but I want to remind you that I did mention Lycra three times, make that four now.

But since I value all my quilty followers I'll share one more thing...

I added this FQ bundle of Tula Pink to my stash!

They are "beautiful like a rainbow."

Now my official:

Thanks for visiting!

Happy Father's Day!!!


  1. You are such a hoot! :) Love the info about biking. Your Tula Pink is gorgeous!

  2. Gayle, this post really made me laugh. I love your writing. If we are sharing secrets, then I should tell y that I share razors with my hub as well. His beard is so thick and he tosses his razor about every third day. Yet they are still fine for my legs so I swipe them and use his cast offs. Why not? Razors are expensive!

    Can't wait for next week's hidden secret!

  3. I love this post!! I'm married to a runner...but he doesn't shave his legs. My friend however is getting married to a cyclist and she was a little weird-ed out at first by the leg shaving and Lycra but has grown quite found of it.

  4. I share razors aswell. I use the hubby's cast offs for my legs and arms. We have them colour coded as there's a teenager in the house and hubby is fed up with her blunting all his so she has pink and he has blue

  5. I share razors aswell. I use the hubby's cast offs for my legs and arms. We have them colour coded as there's a teenager in the house and hubby is fed up with her blunting all his so she has pink and he has blue