Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tips On Tuesday - Fuzz Buster

Dedicate a Lint Roller to your sewing area.

I know, pretty much a no-brainer for some of you out there but some of us are a little slow.

We have two white dogs who are super shedders so lint rollers are stashed in several key areas of our home but my sewing room was not one of them. Until recently I would run and get one to use and them put it back in its designated spot. Then one day I opened the cupboard and looked at the several rollers inside. Hmmm, you know I could just keep one of these IN my sewing room! I have the perfect spot next to the starch in my blue Ikea cart. So it made the move and I L-O-V-E it!

One of my favorite things to use it on is my cutting mat. Have you ever noticed all the lint that gets stuck in the grooves caused by use? Have you ever trimmed a pile of HSTs and then tried to scoop up the lint only to have it roll around the pad?

Well, I have and I whip out my lint roller to clean us the mess.

See all that lint on my over-used-and-needs-to-be-replaced-but-I'm-too-cheap mat.

Looks like a job for the roller.

Swipe one.

Swipe two. Much better.
I should have taken one more photo after I swiped the whole mat.

Other uses:
Post sewing personal cleanup
Removing lint and tread bits while basting a quilt. (Not so good on the batting)
Clean up that ironing board
A quick run over your sewing machine bed and sewing table
Sew in a carpeted space? It will remove some of the stubborn bits a vacuum always misses.

So, if you don't have one in your sewing tool kit at all or if you are still wasting sewing time and energy using one you store elsewhere you might want to think about buying one just for your sewing kit.

Thanks a bunch for visiting.
Rest assured, I will have some things prettier than lint to share next time.

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  1. I do keep a lint roller in my sewing room and use it for my ironing pad, but I've never thought to use it on the mat! Thanks for the tip.