Thursday, September 18, 2014

Help-Mystery Ikea Fabric

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I'm a bit stumped here.

When I went to the superhero party a few weeks ago we stopped off at Ikea on the way home. I was hoping to find Britten Nummer in stock. I bought 5 yards in June and at the time they had a bolt and a half. Kicking myself for not buying a lot more!

No luck, they were picked clean but I did spy an unwrapped bundle of a black and white simple leaf print. It didn't look familiar but I liked it and thought it would be a decent substitution for Britten Nummer in some applications. I cut off five yards and then checked the book for the data to fill out my price card. No luck again, it wasn't in the book. I couldn't find a shelf price either.

The fabric has the weight and feel of their $4.99 pieces so I figured that was the price. I copied data off the bolt wrap sticker on my price card and away I went. Hubby was thrilled as we didn't even go to the top floor and I picked up my other choices on the fly as we headed to checkout. Fastest Ikea trip ever!!!

This was a Saturday so the lines were long but ours was moving pretty peppy...until it was our turn.

Have you ever had a price check call at Ikea? I could see the people behind us deflate. My fabric wasn't in the computer or her book either. She called it in and got the expected $4.99 price. I gave a thumbs up to the crowd behind us, some cheers rang out and away we went.

I've done some research since and I can't find this print anywhere. Not on Ikea or Google Images. I am stumped.

Want to see the mystery fabric?

Nothing earth shattering, just simple swaying leaves in a clear black and white instead of the charcoal of Britten Nummer. The label on the bag said it is Natiljus and the designer is Paulin Machado.

I've searched the selvage data and I am totally stumped. Ikea has a mattress that shares the Natiljus name and Paulin has a simple fleece throw in a different print. Has anyone out there ever seen this fabric? I'd love to hear so feel free to share and ask around. It has a recent date and I'm wondering if it may be Ikea's attempt to offer another basic design to appeal to the Britten Nummer fans.

Moving on to the progress of the Wedding quilt.

My original plan was to mix some Lark yardage with Britten Nummer for the back. I changed my mind when I saw the mystery fabric since it has a more mature feel. I'm saving my tiny stash of BN for kid projects.

So yesterday I cut into it and finished the Wedding Quilt back. I like the movement.

The front and back are layered without batting in this photo and you can see the leaves peeking out through the Kona Snow.

This baby is ready to load on the frame but I'm not ready to quilt it on the frame yet.  

I have decided to put the partially quilted Sale Table quilt on the frame first. I can't find any instructions on how to load a basted quilt on a frame but I know how I will do it and I am confident it will work out fine.

Next I plan to do a row-by-row sample of designs on my remaining Hancock's Heather Ross yardage. If that goes well I will tackle the Wedding Quilt. If not, I will get another practice project.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm getting it out there today so that I can figure out this mystery!
So, will you help me...if you know anything about the Ikea fabric please leave a comment or email. Thanks


  1. I don't have any info on your mystery fabric.... But I do like it! What a great print!

  2. I hope you find out some info on the mystery fabric. The wedding quilt is a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  3. Oh, btw Gayle, I found you on Let's Bee Social. Stop over and visit me anytime.

  4. I'm a pretty good researcher but I've exhausted all my usual tricks in trying to find your fabric. But I sure like it. :)

  5. No idea what you have, Gayle, but love it! I like the swaying effect of the design.

  6. I'm an IKEA addict and I have never seen this fabric before! Maybe it's new and only just heading to the stores *wishful thinking*, it's awesome, I need it in my life! It complements the pretty colourful fabrics in your quilt-top so well =)

  7. No idea what this fabric is but I'd buy a bolt in a heartbeat! Love it! I wish they made more fabrics in this weight.

  8. I really like the Ikea fabric, more than the numbers too!

  9. I like the black and white, but it would also be great to dye! Imagine...
    Leeanna at not afraid of color

  10. I'm also trying to find the "britten number" fabric. I'd but a bolt if i FOUND IT

  11. Saw your mystery fabric is available at ikea in college park maryland
    Hope this helps

  12. Also in stock at atlanta ikea!

    1. It is now but it was a mystery in September of 2014 when I wrote this post. It would remain a mystery for several months. I have a newer post where I reveal that the mystery fabric was finally listed on Ikea's site. First just as a pillow and then in a variety of forms, including yardage. You are the first person to put the info in the comments of my original post. A bit of a blast from the past for me. Thanks

  13. NATTLJUS is the name of the fabric item number 002.863.90