Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Went to a Superhero Party

We went to a Superhero Party on Saturday for my nephew's 3rd birthday. Since he loves superheroes and he has a brand new big boy room in his newly built home I thought I would help him along with some new wall decos. 

I chose a couple of the Lego Marvel Superhero paper pieced blocks by Kristy at Quiet Play. The patterns are available free at Craftsy.

I made Iron Man and Spider-man. I finished the Iron Man pretty much as per the pattern but I took a smidge off the top blue section and added 1/4" to his body. 

Besides the same tweaks I made on Iron Man I also made some major changes to Spider-man because I didn't want him to read as a Lego piece. I added 1/4" to his forehead, then added to his lower face section to make him the same size as Iron man and I eliminated his lego peg. Both blocks measure 9 1/2" x 9 1/2".

These were so much fun to make. Batman will definitely join these guys for Christmas.

Now I am doing the FMQ on Cooper's Churn Dash pillow on my Viking. I wish I could use the Singer 15-90 because I have read that it is a pro at FMQ but I still need to get a foot. 

I am trying something new with the Viking and leaving the feed dogs up. It seems to improve the tension problem a bit. I think the stitches look better but it is obvious that I need more practice!


  1. I love those superheroes! I would imagine they were very well received.

  2. Fantastic blocks - my nephew would love them!


  4. Keep practicing, it does help! Is your machine sunk into a table? I have a Husqvarna Platinum, and I really wish I had a proper sewing table for doing FMQ.

  5. Your blocks look awesome, and I love the pillow - I won't show you my FMQ. ;)

  6. Your blocks turned out great! Love the modifications you made. And your fmq looks fabulous! Keep on practicing!

  7. For your son's birthday party, why not throw a super heroes party.