Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Goals, WIPs and Finishes

We will start with WIPs:

Hand binding a small. Sorry for not showing much but this is a gift. Full reveal next week.

Paper piecing a small to go with the one above. Reveal after the party on Saturday.

My New-Old Singer 15-90's first project. The Nested Churn Dash by Quilt Jane. Pattern here. I am a bit late for the Quilt-Along. The block is done and sashed to bring it up to the size I need for a 28" Ikea pillow. This is for my JRT, Cooper. He has adopted an orange velvet version of this pillow as his favorite bed so I thought he would like one another.

Wedding Quilt top is finished. All backing fabrics are in house and design is sketched. This is Priority One when I am done with the birthday gifts above.

Canvas Swedish Blinds. I had a change of heart on the ribbons fabric and have decided to go with twill tape. Still need to get the dowels and 1x2s. This will go quick once I get all the parts and pieces together.

Sale Table Quilt. My hearts not really in this one. I am still just over half done with the quilting.

Birds Embroidery. Still pecking away on the third panel. I could finish it in about ten minutes.

Untouched in August:
Angel Embroidery
Purse UFOs


All four of my dish mats are finished and in use. I love using mine. Hubby gives them a big thumbs up too. My sister loves hers. I'll have to check in with my son to see if he's even using his. I'll see him at the party on Saturday.

Grace Frame Queen Leaders.

Refurbished Singer 15-90. Here she is working on the Churn Dash with my make-do seam guide. I need to get her some accessories.

ALYoF Goal: Finish the Wedding Quilt.

I think that's about it. My sewing room was super busy in August but there were a lot of starts and equipment activities and not many finishes.

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  1. Can wait to see the birthday reveal!

  2. I love the rainbow nested churn dash. Pretty much anything rainbow order makes my quilty-heart sing!

    I'm hopping over from WiP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. :)