Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Carriage is Full

I've had my new-to-me Grace quilting frame sitting in my studio/dining room for a little more than a month now. All that time it has stood empty, cold and unused. So sad. The only adornments have been the newly made queen leaders, the pink Ikea clip light and my inspiration photo taped to the carriage. Oh so sad and lonely.

The Juki TL2010q has been my dream machine for quite some time. That photo hung over my mechanically fading Viking 1100 for months before it graced the frame. I don't know why I never mentioned my desire on my blog as I am not superstitious. I guess it just seemed like such a long off dream and I didn't want to be a bore hashing over it again and again. First I had to prove to myself that this quilting thing wasn't a flash in the pan hobby. Done. Next I had to set aside the jack for the purchase. Done.

I'm on the hunt for a white Singer 221 and I always plug in Juki on ebay and CL as well when I am checking on new listings. My dream machine with a bunch of quilting frame accessories at a savings popped up at the most opportune moment. I love buying slightly pre-loved. I like the savings and I enjoy being free of the kid glove treatment. It's so liberating! 

I made my offer and set up a pick up time and away I went with Son #2 along for the ride. He drove, he always drives because driving is his greatest passion. He has a GTI too but his is an automatic with flappy paddles whereas mine is a manual. He likes having the variety at his fingertips.

I don't think this set up was actually pre-loved by its first owner. She bought it as her Grace frame FMQ machine and it didn't deliver the precise quality she expected. She replaced the Juki after a few months and a few projects with a mid-arm machine. The pack of 4 Organ Needles it came with still had 3 unused. Her work was gorgeous and quite varied. 

For me, I want it for an all around workhorse. The frame is just one aspect and I prefer a relaxed organic look to my quilts. 

I didn't think we would ever drive away with my new-to-me toy! They had a beautifully restored 1967 Mustang in their garage and Son #2 would have spent the night in it if I would have let him. He was quite smitten. I'd like to say it was my sparkling conversation that really made the trip for him but it was actually the Stang. 

Here's all the bits packed away in my hatch. 

I started setting her up as soon as I got home. I had one bolt that didn't work with my frame so I had to go to Fastenal the next day. Scored and she was up and running.

Here's it all set up on my frame! Look at all those extras. Lamp, laser, bobbin winder (hidden), and the stitch regulator! The Grace frame looks so much nicer without all the hokey wood pieces you use with the foot pedal. (See top photo)

Here she is loaded with the Heather Ross fabric I bought for a song at Hancock's for practice. I think I did it right. It worked.

Here's a sample of my I-really-need-some-serious-practice all over stipple on the front.

Here it is on the back.

I felt like my stitch was a tad long so I started experimenting at the very end. I realized that I needed the speed up a bit. This photo shows too slow and too fast. Next quilt I will try to dial in a proper speed.

The Juki is off the frame now. I finished the FMQ on my Nested Turn Dash pillow. I also used the walking foot on the boarder. My next step is to piece the back of my wedding quilt then I'll head back to the pillow and try my hand with the zipper foot.

So far I am loving my almost-new-but-new-to-me Juki and accessories. My Son #2 said "I can't lie, that is really cool," when he saw the Juki and regulator in action. He usually yawns when I bring up quilting. It's fair, I usually yawn when he drones on about auto tuning.

Is it bad that my sewing is really cutting in to my blogging time?

Who cares, I'm having a blast!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. So excited for you! Now whenever I finally finish my long ago WIP I can bring it to you and you can quilt it for me on your cool new toy ; )

  2. I have no clue how to use a quilting frame. Does it turn the Juki into a long-arm? That Juki is the one I've had on my Amazon Wishlist for a long time. Congrats on your find!
    Your FMQ is awesome! I would be so happy not to ever see eye-lashing on the back of my fabric. I've resorted to machine quilting and have been satisfied with it, but I long to FMQ.
    I share your love of pre-owned. It is the way I prefer to buy most everything. It makes me happy. :)