Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Retreat Prep

I'll be attending my first quilt retreat this weekend. It's a yearly event put on by my traditional guild. I skipped last year because I had only joined up a week earlier and it was all new to me.

This year I am excited and busy organizing for a productive weekend. I cleaned and oiled the Juki this morning so it's ready for a workout. I have a box of projects ready to go and I have printed out some interesting tutorials just in case I run through the box or hit a snag and have to put a project aside.

I'll need some extra fabric for those projects and I want to go scrappy on both. Should I cull my stash or just bring it all? That's not as daunting as it may sound. My stash is pretty small compared to most quilters. Plus, I have mine in small lidded crates to keep it portable for Master's rental breakdown and to protect it from the copious quantity of White German Shepherd Dog hair that floats through my home. I would only have to carry four or five crates that are just larger than shoe boxes and I could store them in my car until needed.

Pretty much talked myself into taking it all with the exception of my yardage for backs and the Doe that will not be touched until it gets cut up for my bed quilt.

One of my projects for the retreat is to pre-cut my fabric for my next guild sewing event, Mystery at the Library. Only, it's not at the library anymore. They changed their hours after we booked our room and now we have to hold it at our regular old meeting place. Darn, sort of dulls the whole mystique.

My Mystery at the Library project will tick off my 2015 Quilt of Valor goal. I have some of the fabric in stash, I need to pick up a couple more solid cuts and I have an order from Stash Fabrics that will hopefully be here by Friday. It includes more Lotta Jansdotter and Carolyn Friedlander as well as my Quilt of Valor fabric. So exciting!

I am ready to tackle those PJs before the retreat. I can't wear my ratty old ones, that's for sure! I have pinpointed the old pair that I want to use for a pattern example. Slept in them last night and knew they were the ones as soon as I put them on.

But will I even get to show off these new PJ creations?

I'm having a commitment issue. I haven't even tried to get overnight accommodations for the retreat. I may end up driving the 45 minutes back and forth each day. The drive is not a big deal for me. I lived 35 minutes from town for eight years and I've only been back in town again for 2 1/2. I am going to come prepared to stay and ask about open beds when I get there Friday evening. Then, if there are any I MAY spend the night.

Like I said, I am having real commitment issues.

Projects I am taking:

Christmas Runner WIP
Christmas Tree Pants
Granny Square Quilt
Quilt of Valor/Mystery at the Library pre-cutting

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  1. I'm excited for you! My stash is comparatively small also. Wise decision to leave the Doe at home - I would steal it from you if I was there. ;) Totally understand the commitments issues.!

  2. I agree that bringing the stash makes sense. Mine wouldn't fit in my van (I've been doing this over 25 years!) but I'd definitely bring more than I thought I'd need. I hope there are still rooms so you can stay; I think that will add to the fun. But you'll still have fun even if you commute, and it will probably make you be the first one to reserve a room next year!

    I was planning to go to my quilting guild's retreat (it's my first year involved with a guild). It would have been difficult to go because I have celiac disease (I have to eat gluten-free), but I was going to make it work even if I had to bring all my own food! But when I looked at the dates, it's a time I can't go due to family commitments. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. :(

    By the way, I was able to pick up that Grace frame. It's a queen size, wooden like yours, which I got for $300. The next day I saw one free on Craigslist, but when I saw it, it already said, "Taken" on the ad. I might have waited forever for a free one, you know? It's still in pieces as I make room for the enormous thing in an already crowded house.

    Have a great time this weekend!