Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pedal's 2015 Goals

Here are my goals for 2015.
Linking up with On the Windy Sides for FAL Q1. (Blue Items)

Christmas Quilt using Quick Curve Ruler
Quilt of Valor
4 Baby Quilts to donate (2 for FAL Q1)
Queen Quilt using Doe for our bedroom
Great Granny Square Quilt for a gift (FAL Q1)
Wedding Project
Quilt my mid 90s UFO (FAL Q1)

Quilted Small Projects:
Christmas Table Runner (Jan 2015 LYoF)(FAL Q1)
Christmas Tree Pants
Pillow for Pam & Eddie
Serger Cover
Set of 4 Minis using my bird embroidery panels

Patterns & Tutorial Posts:
Delicates Wash Bag
Crayon Totes
Dish Drying Pad

Non-Quilted Projects:
Noodlehead's Divided Basket
Weekender Watch Band

Sewing Room Upgrades:
Paint a light neutral color
Upgrades tables; sewing station, Ironing, cutting and serger station.
Design Wall

Additional Projects added after 1/6/16:
2 Pair PJs
Wedding Pillow


  1. I had been trying to decide how to post my 2015 goals, and I like your idea of listing the goals in categories and including other aspects of your life. :)

  2. I haven't tried to set quilting goals for myself beyond "don't miss a deadline." Maybe goals would help me be less frantic when a quilt is due!

    It looks like the only way to follow you is through bloglovin'. I may have that, but if so, it's not something I've ever used. Can you add a "follow me by email" option? I just read your blog all the way back to the beginning and enjoyed it.

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  4. Great list, and I like your way of having a list for the whole year and a sub-list for Q1. Good luck!