Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fabric Stash Additions

My Christmas present is finally here!

My Hubs was such a deer/dear and ordered me a whole half yard bundle of Doe by Carolyn Friedlander! It arrived from Stash Fabrics this week along with some additional CF yardage and some Essex Yarn Dyed in black and Flax.

I'm a bit behind the times and this will be my first opportunity to play with the Essex Linen. As for the Doe, it will be made into a quilt for our bedroom. That just tells you how much I love Doe.

Hubs is a civil engineer and has been a commercial general contractor for over 20 years. I joined up as office manager a few years ago after our sons completed home schooling. Plus, we have built five personal homes, from design to much of the hands on work. I guess that's why all of Carolyn Friedlander's collections have been at the top of my list. Building and architecture are a part of our daily life.

Now I am trying to nail down the perfect pattern to go with the perfect fabric. 

I made a trip to one of MLFS this week to drop something off and they had a display of $2.99/yd fabric! of course I had to scour through the little display. I love a deal and I want to make some PJs out of quality yardage and not have them cost Two to three times what I could pay at Old Navy. 

I found these two:

They work so well with two of the ribbons Son #1 and friends gave me for Christmas. Don't you love the bunnies and the bees?

I haven't done much sewing since Christmas but I did resize and whip up this test block that I found in a Bonnie Hunter book. It was tricky but with hubs help we worked it out. I've done a little more but nothing I can share or that is really worth sharing.

This block will be donated to my traditional guild for their orphan block collection for charity quilts.

This will be linked up with Molli Sparkle's Sunday Stash.

Thanks for visiting.

I'm off to my modern guild for a Sew-In. I'll be cutting 2.5 squares from my scrap stash for a scrap vomit quilt. I'm at over 300 squares so far. Just a drop in the bucket.


  1. Ahhh, a whole half yard of each!! Richness! Now the challenge is to choose a pattern to use it all up! LeeAnna who is also married to an engineer, and don't they make the most generous of husbands?
    at not afraid of color!

  2. Gorgeous Doe! The fabric for pjs is really cute too! I've always wanted to make some but never got round to it.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love Doe - you are a lucky gal! Very cool. Lol on the vomit quilt. ;)

  4. What a perfect line for people with architecture in their blood!! It will make a lovely quilt. Your jammy pants will be wonderful.