Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I was Featured on Quilt Story!

I'm a bit behind on my blog reading since I was away all weekend at my first quilting retreat and I had a pleasant surprise while I was catching up. (By the way, I had a great time and I'll share a bit about it at the bottom of the is post.) But, what I want to share now is how blessed I feel that my little baby blog was featured on Quilt Story's "Fabric Tuesday" link up! I was the top photo so my quilt was featured on the feed! Bonus!!! Let me tell you, I was shocked to see that as I had not posted since last week.

So, I want to extend a big Thank You to Heather and Meagan for sharing my project.

Click Here to go to Link Up #218 and see all the featured projects.

Here's the quilt they featured. I can't take all the credit.

The Pattern is Iced Tea by Amy Friend.
I bought a kit from Craftsy. That made this a quick and easy project.
And, last but not least, and the impetus for this entire project; I won 12 FQs of Persimmon from Mad About Patchwork.

Amy Friend is also the quilter whose husband makes those beautiful hand turned quilt tools. But you have to act fast when she offers them on her Etsy shop because they sell out in a flash. I recommend you follow her blog so you will know when they are available. I was lucky enough to purchase one as a thank you gift for the girl who gave me my Grace frame last summer. She loved it.

Ok, now about my first Quilt retreat:

I had a great time. I overcame my commitment issue on the long drive up and was so thankful that I was offered a place to bunk within two minutes of entering the building. Thanks a bunch to Patty who booked the room. We had two other roomies, a mother and daughter team, Shelvy and Marie. Don't you think Shelvy is a lovely name? It might be spelled Shelvie.

I enjoyed a ton of quilty fellowship and was quite productive. I'm watching my food intake like a hawk so I didn't partake in any of the food the lovely ladies shared so that is one of the things I will look forward to for next year.

Why did I so militantly watch my calories? I have another little tidbit to share, Son #1 is engaged! 

I don't have much time to get into Mother-of-the-Groom shape as the time between proposal and engagement is pretty short. They both are with the same mission organization and are slated for a summer abroad and they want to be married before they leave. Who could blame them? I have a small project planned before the wedding but the big stuff will have to wait for when they return.

What I learned on my first quilting retreat:

1.  Cut your fabrics before you get there. My layer cake project wasn't so bad because I could do it at my table. My Christmas Tree Pants required me to dominate a cutting space for too long and it ate up a big chunk of time that could have been spent sewing finished products to show off. 

2.  Plan to spend the night. I lucked out but will be prepared with a room ahead of time. 

3.  Bring graph paper and colored pencils. Otherwise I packed pretty well.

4.  Get a Featherweight or a 301. I had to throw that in there, I've wanted one since my pre-quilting, Air Stream Trailer days. My desire just got a boost from all the little pretties purring around the room. 

Another addition I'll make for next year is to have my Big Sis tag along with me. She will have to become an out of town member of the guild but it is so worth it.

Here is what I produced on the retreat:

Finished the back for my Christmas Runner. Ready to sandwich, quilt and bind.

Cut and pieced a pair of Christmas Tree Pants from Happy Zombie's pattern that was a short Sew-Along on Sew Mama Sew a few years ago. I think I'm going to make the solid version for the other side. This will be adorable with the AnnaLee doll collection that adorns my tree.

I cut my Layer Cake of Vintage Happy, some Riley Blake Gingham yardage and a Riley Blake Charm Pack of Medium Dots for my next quilt. Still need to cut more Kona.

I made one block. That was my final goal.

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. It was so much fun to read your happy post! Your quilt definitely deserved to be featured - it is so gorgeous. And I'm glad you had such a good time on the retreat. Makes me think I might want to do that at some point. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! My daughter got married one year ago, and I had to break down and buy a Spanx-type garment to smooth out my bulges. :( But in the end it was fine because all eyes are always on the bride. :) Keep us posted on dress plans!
    What do "Featherweight or 301" refer to?

  2. You got a ton done. And I agree, I'm dying to get a Featherweight. They are wonderful machines!

  3. Wow great quilt! no wonder if was featured it is beautiful.

  4. Quilt retreat is my all time favorite activity... so glad you had a great time!

  5. I have a Featherweight and it is absolutely perfect for retreats and classes. Mine is a 1961 minty white one. Congrats on being featured on Quilt Story.