Monday, May 19, 2014

Graduation and a Gift

What a great weekend. We celebrated the graduation of our oldest son from the Brock School of Business at Samford University. It was so special to see all the young people crossing that stage and receiving their diplomas. Samford is oh-so-beautiful year round but especially in the Spring.

It was a bit sad walking the campus knowing that this chapter has come to a close for our son.  The bright spot is that Drew will continue working with the campus population next year. There will be another group of Launchers to mentor and the pancake parties will go on.

We helped him move out of his dorm and into his new apartment in Bham. He will be home for a few days next week and then back to his new home for good. It feels good to have him successfully leave the nest but we are sad to have him five hours away. At least he is not on the opposite coast (like me) or other side of the world. Though that day will come.

Now for some crafty updates...

I finished my first project with Heather Bailey's Birds and Branches. I did the cover since it had the photo I could follow for color placement. I have never done a needlework project that did not have a legend to follow and I am finding it a bit intimidating making those choices myself. I have jumped in on bird number two. I am sure I will embrace having color choice freedom in short order.

My plan is to complete three of the birds and incorporate them into some scrappy minis to hang in my future studio. Why don't I have a studio now? I'll save that for a future post. It is a slightly interesting topic in itself.

But, I will tell you why I have chosen Birds and Branches for this project. My husband has always come up with interesting nicknames for our pets, me and our boys. It started with our first fur-baby, a miniature dachshund named Wee Woodman Editsto or Woody for short. He called him Woody-Gator because of his big mouth. It did not stop there, the silly nickname list was quite long.

Now for the birds...Shortly after we brought our first son home from the hospital he started calling me Mommie Bird. The nickname lives on more than twenty years later and has made me love all things birdie. You would think my home would be full of birds but it isn't. I am not much of collector. I prefer less clutter. But this is a "wall" project so it is okay.

On a related note...

When I came home from Alabama this weekend I found a little box in the mail. Look what was in it! An adorable blue bird figurine. It is from some dear friends who live overseas.

My New Blue Birds

Bird on the shelf with a broom from India, family figurine from Kenya, egg from Romania, original painting of our surname initial with the Chinese symbol for "Family" decorating the "F",  and Three Wise Men from Puerto Rico. All special international gifts we have received.

I have a big finish that I am dying to share but will wait until the end of the month since it is my A Lovely Year of Finishes project for this month. Plus, I still need sunny day photos with the real camera.

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