Friday, May 30, 2014

Bad Dryer! Bad!

I have a confession...

Laundry is my most only favorite household task. I love the sorting, stuffing, setting dials, adding soap, watching bubbles, transferring between machines, and especially folding the warm fresh out of the dryer loads. Not a fan of putting things away for some reason. I guess the fun can't go on forever.

For a couple of years now my reverie has been occasionally dampened by a sudden "frump" emanating from my dryer. When I hear that sound I know I will find a wispy item hanging between the drum and rubber gasket. Bummer.

I usually find one of my Hubby's handkerchiefs (I think he's the only male below the age of 80 who still carries one daily), one of my white or yellow napkins (we don't use paper) or a particular pair of ecru and gray polka dot undies. I paid $14 for one pair of undies at Soma and that's the pair my dryer targets! I'm sticking to Target unmentionables from now on.

Well, I think the dryer has upped its game. Last week I found a pair of my son's unmentionables hanging. Darn! And yesterday I found a pair of my PJ shorts. Double Darn! 

But it was a good excuse to do a bit of machine applique.

Kate and Birdies Bunnies survived the audition. I starched the stew out of the shorts and the bunny patch and used spray adhesive to baste it to the shorts. I put on my open toe foot and set my machine on a tight zig-zag and ran around the edges twice since this location is going to get a fair bit of wear and tear.

Let's hope the dryer behaves from now on. I don't want to become known as the lady with bunny patches on all her clothes.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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