Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lily's Quilts Small Blog Hop

Lily's Quilts

My blog is so new and so small that I have only one follower on Bloglovin. I have no idea how she found me but I am so grateful that she did.

I have been using the Sew at Home Mummy "Beautify your Blog" series to build my new site. Thanks again Erin for all her help.

My blog is pretty basic right now. I haven't officially shared a post about any of my quilting projects yet but I have added an Instagram widget that shows a bit of my work. I have had the account of some time but I only started using it after I started building this blog so it is pretty light on subject matter too. It did get its first comment today!

Our mom and pop business has been over the top busy lately so it might take a few weeks to get some of my projects shared on the blog. I hope you all will check back with me from time to time. I am looking forward to freeing up some time to participate in some of the online bees and sew-alongs. Right now I'm under orders from the boss not to start any new projects or even work on the one that is almost finished. We are that slammed and I am in total agreement. So, I better sign off, cycle the laundry and get some sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day.


  1. Hi Gayle,
    Your blog look nice and, I see some lovely quilts on your Instagram, I will be watching.:)

  2. Looking forward to seeing some more of your sewing and quilting work here on your blog :-)