Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wedding, New Bloggers Hop and a Little Lotta-Sunday Stash

Things have been a bit hectic at the Fahrion house for several weeks. First off, Son #1 got married to the sweetest DIL #1. Here's a series of collages made by the MOB for the rehearsal.

The setting was a beautiful barn in rural Alabama. It is called Ephesians Farm and I would not hesitate to recommend them. They were such a blessing and went above and beyond to make this a special day.

I am so thankful that Pam, the MOB, is an ace at taking snapshots because if it were left up to me there wouldn't be such a nice photographic record.

She also puts together these adorable collages and gets them posted on FB in minutes. Things like this take me hours!

Wedding pictures will be shared in a separate post but if you want to see more now you can use #marryinfahrion in IG and FB.


When I returned home from AL I had a box from Pink Castle Fabrics waiting on my front porch. I have already shared my Alison Glass bundle but not its box mates. (BTW, Pink Castle is currently giving away their Golden Tickets!)

I bought this FQ bundle of assorted Lotta Jansdotter and friends too. It was a crazy good deal even before the 30% discount.

From first sight in my early quilting days I was a crazy big fan of Lotta's aesthetic but I didn't understand that collections disappear and I missed out when Glimma was released. Now, when I see good deals, I toss stash builders of things I missed out on during my naive early days into my cart when I buy fabric for specific projects. This Lotta bundle will be mixing with other Lotta cuts that I have been collecting in the same manner.

I started cutting into it last night. I am using it to make a baby quilt to test the pattern I have been developing for my Doe half yard bundle. I am pretty excited and a bit nervous to see how it turns out. 

The Doe is slated for the quilt that will be used in our master bedroom so it must be something I can live with for a very long time. This Lotta baby quilt will either give me the go-ahead to get started or it will put me on the trail for another pattern.

At this point there are not any babies on the way, girl or boy, to give this quilt to so it may become my first Etsy offering. But, if a baby girl surprises us soon she will have a sweet quilt waiting for her. (D&D, I'm praying for you!)

BTW, I've been participating in the New Quilt Bloggers Hop. I was Week #1 but I have been promoting the current hoppers and tomorrow is Week #3 so here's who's up:

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And my big secret for the week...

I moved my sewing studio out of the dining room and into a room of its very own!

I'll be making the big reveal in another post.

Thanks a bunch for visiting!


  1. Looking forward to wedding photos - looks like a neat place. My daughter got married in an old train depot, and I love that kind of environment.
    Is that Lotta Jansdotter a continuation of her Glimma series? Is that pink or mauve or ...??? I love her collections.
    Can't wait to see the new space!

  2. Oh congratulations on a wedding, but super congratulations for getting your own sewing room - that is so exciting! :)