Thursday, October 16, 2014

He doesn't Even Know He Needs It

Hubs and I are going to Bham this weekend to visit Son #1. We are so excited because this is going to be a special visit. This will be our first time meeting a young lady he has been talking to. There will also be mountain biking, eating and ministry in action. It will be a busy weekend!

I had to have a little something to give him so I whipped him up something he doesn't even know he needs. A mesh laundry bag. 

This is the second one I have made using my original design. The first was inspired by our need for mesh bags to wash our bike gloves and ankle socks in. After years of losing gloves only to find them hanging off a random item of clothing in the closet, popping out of a fitted sheet or stuck to some random piece of laundry, hubs came up with the idea to wash them in a mesh laundry bag. 

I had two old mesh bags and the process worked perfectly until one of the bags failed.  So, I came up with this design. I have been using the prototype for weeks am loving it. 

I have plans to replace the other old drawstring bag with another for hubs soon. In the meantime, I whipped up my second bag for Son #1 because he is an avid mountain biker and a sometimes roadie too.  I am sure he will love it.

Hopefully it will keep him from having a mismatched set of gloves in rotation. Hubs is missing a left from one gray set and a right from another gray set and he wears them as his last resort pair. Who knows what their velcro has grabbed onto. I expect one or both to pop out someday.

WIP's update:

I have cleared my workroom of short term projects in September and October. All I have left are projects that I expect a long timeline on like my embroidered birds, the old Angel project and my UFO purses.

I finished my Wedding Quilt that had a November 1st deadline. Here is a sneak peek of the back.

This is the mystery Ikea fabric, Natiljus that I purchased in June. It has recently been added to their website.

I finished my Sale Table Quilt. Another sneak peek.

I made a pillow cover for Cooper on my Singer 15-90 using the Nested Churn Dash tutorial. Evora, Son #2's White GSD, chewed a corner off it the next day. It's small and I can fix it.

Other goals finished:
All four dish drying pads
Grace/Juki practice quilt on Heather Ross fabric.
Iron Man and Spiderman paper pieced minis.
A number of mending projects.

New Projects:
Having a number of WIPs going at the same time was not good for my psyche so now that I have things under control I am going back to my regular routine of not overlapping projects unless I have a deadline. So, here is what is on my table now. 

That's all you get until late December. It is a birthday present for a special little girl. 

I may not bust out another quilt for a bit. Our AC decided to die late last week and Hubs wants to do a bit of engineering so we get it done right this time. Since living in this home for two years we have found that the original install was substandard. The builder made some extremely bad decisions and it is going to take some time for Hubs to come up with a proper solution. He is busy engineering other builds at work and that puts ours on the back burner. The cooler weather makes daily living without air fine but it still gets a bit hot when I wrestle with volumes of fabric. I'm going to fill my time with a number of smalls for a while. 

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  1. Wow! What a fabulous finish on that wedding quilt! The straight line quilting is sew intense!

  2. Hello Gayle, I came here from Let's Bee Social.... I love what you're doing! I use IKEA-fabrics too. And I like the photo of the "quilting dog" - I own 2 quilting cats! Kind regards from Germany, Annett