Friday, October 10, 2014

A View from My Foyer Now

In September I shared my in-progress dining room to quilt studio conversion. I have to confess, I walked by and noticed that the space was particularly messy and said this is the perfect time to shoot my before photos so that my after photos will look better in comparison. Today you get to see if my strategy worked.

A little background...Since we live in the Augusta, GA area we rent our home for lodging during the Master's Golf Tournament. This means that my studio must convert easily back into a dining room for the first full week of April each year. My sewing furniture must be light enough to cart to the garage and I have to keep a buffet/hutch in my sewing space year round.

View Comparison #1.
The mirror was removed and the hutch was moved to its new home.
The Grace Frame is in its new location and I can walk all the way around it with ease.
The dining table is no longer smooshed against the hutch. It is floating in the room and as you will see in other photos it extends into the foyer.  It is handy having a table available in this spot. Once the dining suite sells I will be on the lookout for a bar height square table. I have already seen several on the yard sale circuit. The tall table fad must be over and people seem to be keeping the bar stools and selling the tables. That is a good trend for my plan.
View #1   Left-Old     Right-New
View Comparison #2.
My main sewing table now sits where the hutch sat previously.
This is my largest open wall section. I am working on an idea for a small design wall above the wainscot that would be acceptable for Master's Week. Thinking gray flannel in a frame that I could hang a few minis and a golf theme banner on for the rental period.
You get a better sense of the dining table's new location in this photo.

View #2   Left-Old     Right-New
View comparison #3.
My ironing table is now under the first window on the left.
My main storage is now tucked into the corner behind the Grace Frame.
The walking flow is so much better in this layout. No dead end paths.

View #3   Left-Old     Right-New

View comparison #4.
This is my sewing table wall from the back corner. The Grace Frame blocks the view of the table but you can get a sense of the space I have for my future design wall.

View #4   Left-Old     Right-New

View comparison #5.
This shows my new ironing table location and my proximity to my front door. 
I'd like to replace my folding tables with some lightweight tables like the Ikea INGO or some inexpensive yard sale finds. The plastic flexes and the style just isn't up to task.

View #5   Left-Old     Right-New

View #6.
This is the best view of the dining table placement. Plenty of walk around room but it is just a bit on the formal side. I do not need a mahogany cutting table! Please, somebody buy this, the buffet and the chairs that are littered all over my home!

View 6

Some of my favorite things...

The Labofa chair that I bought for $1 at a yard sale more than 10 years ago. It was soooo dirty and the bolt holes in the seat top were stripped. I brought it home in two pieces. Hubs bought some stainless smooth top screws and drilled holes through the seat and put them in from the top instead of the bottom. It has held up through years of home school use. Now it is my sewing seat.

Night Stand.
The newest addition. I finally have a space to hide my freezer paper roll!

The Singer 15-90 and Cabinet 74.
This is so cool. I love this little cabinet to death. Look at the ergo tilt of the machine placement. It tilts the needle head towards the sewer and improves the view. Sweet!!!
At first I wasn't attracted to the machine. Too old school. But after research, I feel that it is hands down the best old Singer machine for my needs. I love the knee control that actuates a little lever that pushes on the bakelite foot control tucked up under the cabinet apron. 

I also have the required Ikea RASKOG cart, in blue of course. You can see it peeking out in several photos. 

That pretty much covers the big stuff. 

My first "View from My Foyer" is by far my most visited post to date. I'm not sure if it is due to interested crafters, people looking for home design ideas or if it hit a nerve for the voyeuristic crowd. Whatever.

Watch for updates on my quilting. My blog may have been neglected for a week and a half but my sewing equipment was not!


  1. Beautiful home. new arrangement looks very functional. kudos!

  2. So fun! I'm getting a sewing room of my very own in my upcoming move so I am trying to get ideas on how to arrange things. Thanks for the look into your sewing studio--it has given me loads of ideas. Crazy you have to pack it up once a year--but so worth it by being able to rent out your place.

  3. Pretty quilt in a beautiful room!

  4. Love the light and looks to a great new set up!

  5. Very cool! What a beautiful and bright space to work. LOVE those green walls!

  6. I just moved my longarm as well...kinda renewing huh!! This is my first visit and just wanted you to know I enjoyed your blog. Stopby:

  7. It looks so clean and spacious! I love all your finds and the face that you cherish them. Older re-purposed treasures are always best.

    Will the Grace frame be moved during Master's week?