Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My first WIP Link Up

This is my first time Linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

My list is pretty short. I am not one to let WIPs pile up. I generally start and finish a project before I let too many things get in the way.

WIP #1:   We will start with my ancient embroidery project. When I started it I predicted a 15 year schedule. I think I am about up to 18 now so it had slipped into UFO status until I unearthed a little over a month ago. I have now started working on it again.

This kit is a table runner with an angel on each end and a vine running along each side. This is Angel #1. It looks like I have about 20 years to go for a finish. I don't plan to finish it as a table runner. 

WIP#2:   This is more recent. I started this project after I found WIP#1. These are from Heather Bailey's Birds and Branches.

This will be my Yellow Bird.

Here is my first panel.

This is my Red Bird.

The ultimate plan is to create a set of three wall hangings for my future sewing studio. This will not be a 20yr+ project as it is clipping along.  The studio may take a couple years as we have to build the house first. I still need to share my studio dilemma with my current home but that will have to wait until another post.

WIP#3:  My Sale Fabric Quilt. Haven't had much time to work on it for a couple of days but I have stolen a minute here and there to do some pinning.

Mystery WIP#4:   I was going through a basket of fabric and found some purses I started about 10 years ago. They went dormant when our home sold faster than expected and we dove into the process of building our new home. 

We have built five and are very hands-on. Designing, framing,'s a pretty epic do-it-yourself project. I never picked up the purses again. In fact, my sewing was at an all-time low the 7 years I lived in that house. We moved into a read-made house two years ago. It feels strange when you are used to living in something that reflects your hard work and imagination. 

I will have photos next month. Maybe finished. I need to mull over them for a bit to see if I want to finish them as is or change them up a bit.

So that is it for now. Next month I home to add a wedding quilt into the mix. I'm considering a Crafsty July Mystery Quilt with Valori Well's Quill Collection

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Your angel is gorgeous and I love your birds! Beautiful, all three.

  2. The birds are so great! I should pick up my embroidery project soon! I has sat lonely for too long.

  3. beautiful embroidery! I love the birds particularly, and think they will look lovely framed on the wall!!

  4. I LOVE the red bird!!! Beautiful!! Thanks for linking up :)