Sunday, June 8, 2014

Are iPads really that big?

I spent some serious time at my sewing machine this weekend.  I was home alone. Well almost alone. I did have Cooper the JRT, my grand-fur-baby Evora the White GSD and Turbo the calico cat. The cat is on auto pilot but the dogs are very needy. 

I started off Saturday by finishing my Sale Table quilt top. 

I'm leaving for Washington State on Tuesday to visit family so I made a couple of NoodleHead's Open Wide Zipper Pouches for gifts. I added a tab to the embedded side of the zipper too. I can never get my zipper tape to lay nice and this detail worked great.

These pouches are for my Mom and Step-Mom. I hope they like them. For the guys I have some Augusta National plastic cups from this year's Master's Tournament. We rent our house out for the tournament and the guests left them behind for us. Used but clean. This might seem like a hokey gift but anything with the Master's logo has value. People sell them on ebay. The Augusta National aggressively guards their trademark.   

It took three attempts to make a sleeve for my iPad. I kept making it too small! This is my first try at making zipper pouches and I didn't realize how much loss I would have from the quilting. I planned to make myself two bags for the trip anyway but now I have three! The third one was a success. I used NoodleHeads Open Wide zipper pull to make sure the zipper would be wide enough.

For two of my iPad sleeve attempts I used Elezabeth Hartman's Patchwork Panel technique. I messed up on the first one when I put the long bicycle strip on first. I didn't realize this only works with a log cabin pattern.  I quilted everything horizontally on that panel.                                                                           


On the next one I forgot to quilt that Kaffe Fasset bit and had to get creative.

I didn't use a backing since I planed to do lined bags.

Zipper and Tab auditions.

Finished pouch.

 Here is the successful iPad Sleeve.

See, the iPad actually fits!

Here is the total fruit of my pouch making labor.

My embroidery will tuck nicely in the middle size pouch. I'm not sure what I will do with the smallest pouch yet.  Maybe I'll put cycling goodies in it since it has that great line of bikes on it.


  1. Super cute pouches! Especially love the bicycle one!

  2. great IPAD cover..did you eventually settle on one..I too had troubles with I have a mac air and need to make yet another one for that one.