Thursday, June 26, 2014

I haven't even left Georgia yet!

Note: The top portion of this post is devoted to my recent hometown trip. Skip down for a tiny quilty update.

I haven't even left Georgia yet!

I was to fly out of Atlanta to the west coast with my sister on the evening of June 10th. I was going to drive from Augusta the morning of the 10th but changed my mind and left around 3pm for Atlanta on the 9th. Can you believe I finished all my vacation prep early!

I am so glad I did because when I arrived at my nephew's home I was greeted with the news that his 2 1/2 year old son had shoved a kernel of popcorn up his nose. I'm talking way up his nose. He's one of those calm easy going kids so things were pretty chill even though his mom had followed on-line advice and blown sharply in his mouth several times. Enough to put some kids into the tizzy fit zone.

Mom and grandma, otherwise known as my Big Sis, were busy googling alternative remedies. Much cheaper than a $500+ visit to ER. We taped a pen tip to a vacuum, blew in the other nostril, tried saline and some serious nose blowing. The kernel was nicely nestled in a cozy little fold. It was happy where it lay and wouldn't budge.

They even broke the rule and used tweezers. First his mom's set which looked like something you could use to repair a car. Gram said hers were super fine and they went in second. This pair looked like it was meant for motorcycle repairs. Even though the lad lay strangely still for his age they never made contact. The tools were just too bulky and blocked the view of that gleaming yellow goal.

I kept offering my prized Tweezermans which were tucked in a sheath to satisfy the most recent carry on rules. I checked TSA's website and made sure I could take my tweezers and a set of embroidery scissors on the flight. A sharp object must be no more than 4" long and in a sheath to protect the other passengers.
They barely made the cut.
These things are so sharp they could find a hair on a fish.
Every time I mentioned my Tweezermans they assured me their sets were "really sharp" and mine couldn't be any better. But they were oh-so-wrong. I got mine out and showed them what a real set of tweezers look like. After laying eyes on my prized grooming accessory, they had to agree that I might have a point. 

The youngster was laid out flat on the kitchen island for the umpteenth time and a flashlight was pointed towards the yellow orb. In went the slender tool and that tiny tip grabbed the tip of the kernel (I'm giving God the credit for placing it pointing out) on the first try. It was free!

Note that this photo is a recreation. His mom has the real photo on her iPhone.
All was well in the house and my little grand-nephew and my slightly larger grand-niece were tucked snuggly in bed more than a tad bit later than usual by parents who were very happy to have an empty nosed boy and $500 still in their pocketbook.

Quilt update:

The gift pouches I shared on my last post were well received as were the Augusta National cups.

I realized the only photo I posted of the mid-size iPad pouch attempt had it sandwiched between the small and large versions. I only shared the zipper end. Oops.

Our return flight arrived around 11:00pm in Atlanta on the 18th so we spent the night at my sister's son's house again. Thanks again M&M!!! 

I was able to hit Ikea on the way home. I picked up five yards of the iconic number fabric that was out of stock on my last visit. I also added one of those cute blue carts to my sewing space.

Do I share photos now or later?

I'm going with next post will be about where I sewed, sewed and sew now.

Oh, and a little more about my trip.

This is a great time for me to catch up on my pre-blog quilting story. I have been in a real sewing slump since I got home. I think somebody shared their germs with me on the plane. It took a week for me to sit down and write this post. My unread Bloglovin tally went over 300!

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