Friday, September 25, 2015

Team Lyndsie Quilt

I have been focused on a very special project the past month. A quilt for a very sweet young lady from a large family of deep faith and a love for the Lord that shines through in even the darkest of circumstances.

Lyndsie faced her first battle with ovarian cancer at the young age of 17 and over the next ten years it would return three more times. She faced each battle with a strength and grace that would become a testimony of the power of God in her life. She amassed an ever growing team of prayer warriors along the way.

She would live to the fullest. Getting married, adopting a boy and a girl, spending time with her huge family and giving freely of herself to others.

Her last battle was long and difficult but through it she would touch many through her incredible testimony of faith. She shared her faith and love of the Lord with all who came in contact with her and she touched even more through the sharing of her story and calls for prayer on social media under the hashtags of #TeamLyndsie and #shewillbemadewhole.

Lindsey went home on August 28th and her Celebration of Life Service was so powerful that there were several professions of faith made that day! Her hashtag has now been modified to #shehasbeenmadewhole.

I started this quilt while Lyndsie was still with us. It was like an ever-growing prayer reminder card on my design wall. I was five blocks shy of having the top finished the day she went home.

When I came up with the idea to make a quilt I first brought it up to one of my guilds as a scrappy solids group project using a particular block. Then, when I got home I saw a collection of fabrics I have been hoarding for a special occasion. A bundle of Japanese F8s I had won from Sew Me A Song, plus the F8 bundle of Lecien Flower Sugar I purchased to add to it and a FQ bundle of low volume text prints. At that point I knew I needed to take this project on solo. I informed my guild of my intent and got straight to work.

These fabrics seemed so perfect for Lyndsie. They are vibrant, beautiful, colorful, fun, happy, and modern yet still old-fashioned. That is a great description for Lyndsie. I chose to use the X&+ block because I wanted to include the symbol of the cross to reflect her deep faith.

Teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer and I had a multi-yard cut of the perfect fabric by Valori Wells in my stash.

I love the Pay-It-Forward aspect of using the bundle I won from Sew Me a Song.

For the tag I was given permission to use a design by Grace All Day Designs that she was inspired to create for Lyndsie after learning about her through a mutual friend. She didn't even know Lyndsie! It is so beautiful and it is one of the scriptures that Lyndsie claimed.
Grace gifted her original to Lyndsie's family and she has made this available as a print in her Etsy shop at her cost. She is quite the talented artist and I recommend you check out her work. Here's the Link to her shop.

I put the finishing touches on this project yesterday and Lyndsie's parents picked it up in the afternoon. Unfortunately it was a rainy, dark day so this is the best I can do for photos. 


This quilt will be used to raise funds for Lyndie's family to help cover the medical and extra living expenses incurred during her illness. It gets its local public debut at a BBQ fundraiser on Saturday. My prayer is that it will be a financial blessing for the family and that it brings comfort to whoever gets to take it home!

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  1. Your quilt is so beautiful. Everything about it just sings. What a wonderful gift for Lyndie's family. Is the pattern your own design?

  2. What a thoughtful gesture! This quilt is going to definitely be a blessing to this family. Wonderful work!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Gayle. I so admire Lyndsie's unwavering faith and her love for and testament to God. She truly is made whole now.

  4. What a lovely story, my thoughts go out to the family. I hope the quilt raises lots of money to help the cause.

  5. Wow Gayle, a beautiful quilt and a beautiful thing you have done for Lyndsie's family

  6. A lovely testimony and beautiful quilt.