Sunday, August 2, 2015

Small Town In the Big City

I was out of town again this weekend for another day-trip to Atlanta. Last weekend we delivered three bikes to Son and DIL #1 and one of them was a bust. He was trying out his dad's cross bike for urban riding and the brakes were just to sketchy on asphalt. I traded it out with his road bike that we were storing in our garage. Their new place is a tiny rental in close proximity to a university and there is little space to store bikes for his habit.

I had a bit of time on my hands after the bike exchange. You see, I had dropped Hubs off in Covington, GA to ride a century at 8:00am. It's billed as "The Fasted Century in the South" and it's a ride he has never participated in before. It was fast, he broke his 100 mile speed record and I only had 4.5 hours to complete my mission.

It would have been nice to take a leisurely stroll and hit all the ATL quilt shops but I had to choose one. The most convenient for the trip turned out to be Intown Quilters and I was very excited because it was on my short list.

I go to Atlanta quite often but since I started quilting a few years ago our visits always seem to be on a tight schedule and focused on a family event. This was the first opportunity for me to visit an Atlanta area quilt shop.

I chose well. The selection at Intown Quilters was fabulous and I got to see things in person that I have only previously stared at electronically. The service and people were great. Why can't we have a shop that stocks fabric like that in Augusta?!?

Here's what I purchased:

I added to my little Cotton and Steel collection.

This is my entire C&S collection and I feel like I can finally cut into it now.

I just loved Natural History by Lizzy House when it came out so I bought these four FQs.

Then I added half yard cuts of Kona Pool and Pickle to my stash. And last but not least, one FQ of Alison Glass Hand Crafted and a lone piece of Bridgetown by Violet Craft.

I also got Happy Mail last week like a lot of people. I got the silver and I am so happy with it. I have my design all set and all I need are the Cotton Couture Solids and I can get started on this baby.

Oh, and I picked up some swag at the bike ride too. Now I need a sticker for my sewing machine that says...

1/4 Inch Please...It's the Law!!!

Here's what I am finishing up today. Three of my personally designed Dish Drying Mats for the guild fundraiser at our quilt show in November. One is finished and the other two need binding.

Now I need to get back in my sewing room.

Next up:
The wedding!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love Cotton and Steel, the butterfly fabric is beautiful! What is the Michael Miller fabric called? It's looks so posh!

  2. Ooooo, you did so well! You could pick out fabric for me anyday. Your dish mats look great--would love to see a full shot sometime.


  3. Loved seeing your treasures! I agree it's fun seeing fabrics we've only seen via Internet stores. You did good. :)
    Your dish drying mats look really cute. What is happy mail?

  4. That would be a great sticker! What do you back the dish drying mats with, I was trying (without success) to find some microfiber fabric. Just curious! Those will be great at the fundraiser.

  5. Very fun fabrics. Now I know the secret to getting time to go to quilt shops, find a century for my Guy to ride. Unfortunately there's not one in Tulsa.

  6. You can never go wrong with C & S! All so beautiful!