Friday, August 14, 2015

Finish it Up Friday - Suits, Girls, Dogs and More

My most ambitious finish for the week was finally posting a tutorial for my Cute Quilted Dish Drying Mat. If you missed it you can find it HERE.
I finished the Flimsy and Backing for my Pieceful Hearts Challenge Quilt. They are hanging on the catwalk waiting for their turn at quilting.

It reminds me of a man's suit and tie with its bold angular colors against the crisp gray Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen. I think I might title it "The Suit" since it is being made specifically to be judged in the guild challenge. This is new territory for me, competition and putting names to my quilts. I think "The Suit" thinks Granny is pretty cute.

I finally finished ripping apart a shirt I bought over a year ago at a garage sale. It's made out of a cute Michael Miller novelty fabric and I wanted to make sure it went to a home that would appreciate it, mine. I am in the process of fussy cutting some of the beauties out for a future project.

So pretty and chic! I love that little white spotted dog!

I finished one of two blocks for my August Nurture Circle assignment. This month we are to make two red and white star themed blocks. Love, love, love the red and white. Reminds me that I need to get my Tree Pants out to finish before it slips from WIP to UFO status. There's definitely room on the cat walk for more company.

This block was pieced traditionally as per the pattern cutting suggestions. If I were going to make an entire quilt I would recalculate cutting and use time saving techniques for all those HSTs and FGs. Plus I'd want to leave room to trim and square. This block wanted to go wonky and it is a couple threads under 12.5" unfinished. 

I signed up for my second Mini Swap and I haven't even completed my first! It's Schnitzel & Boo's latest offering. How could I pass it up? These events are like a rite of passage in the swap world.

Kristi is trying to break the Round Three record of 965 participants. At last count she was up to 868 so hop on over and get in on the fun by signing up. LINK HERE. Sign up ends at midnight!

And last, but definitely not least, I signed on for a quilt along. This is also a first for me. I'm a bit of a lone wolf and "joining" does not come easy for me. It's a trait I share with the Hubs. But Lorna, at sewfreshquilts, came up with one that I could not pass up, dogonit!

Here's why:


 Um, I'm waiting for you to throw that tennis ball.

I love camping. Getting there is half the fun!

If I can see it, I can get it, even if I have to do a back flip.

Did you pack any snow with that?

I signed up for the Dog Gone Cute Quilt Along and I am so excited to get started! 

I have my pattern in hand and it is even better than I expected. You can find it HERE.

Lorna has created a pattern with so many variables that I will be able to make a pup to represent every Jack Russell Terrier I have been privileged to have in my family. That would be eight counting four puppies who went to new homes. We only have Cooper now and at 10 he is still a handful. The other three have gone on to that big doghouse in the sky. One we lost as a very senior JRT and two succumbed to the dangers inherent in country living. Cars and coyotes.  

I'm planning two projects. A more color correct mini of just Cooper for show-off and a larger project to coincide with the Dog Gone Cute Quilt Along schedule.

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  1. I think it is so pretty how you hang your tops on the catwalk. I signed up for the Dog Gone Cute QAL too and even offered to be part of the blog hop. I am thinking of a couple of versions too! So excited!

  2. You have a lot on your plate. And all of them look like great projects. However my favorite will be whatever you do with that Michael Miller fabric. I covet that piece of fabric like you can't even imagine!

  3. Hi Gayle! Wow, your post is full of beautiful projects! I'm so happy you join with cute Cooper to the quilt along! Nero wanted me to get in the 'dog hop'. That will be so much fun! I have also already the pattern and have made two ears. That novelty fabric you found is super! I never realized that the stars create pinwheel when connected like that. Great idea! x Teje

  4. Lol on The Suit liking Granny! Your catwalk looks pretty awesome. How did you know that is a Michael Miller fabric? Is it vintage, or something from the past few years? At any rate, I love it - be glad I don't live around the corner from you. I really like the red stars! Have fun with your imini swap. :)
    That Dog Gone quilt will be a hoot

  5. Cooper is adorable! I love that we get to immortalise our past pups in quilty form!