Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gotta Excuse for Cheeky Lotta

I've got a new excuse to do some shopping. It's called a 2007 David Winick Airstream International 75th Anniversary Edition Bambi. Quite a title for 19' of fun. We are driving up to Charlotte on Thursday to pick it up and will have a two night shake down trip in the South Carolina mountains.

It's been a couple of years since we sold our 2007 Airstream Westfalia and I have incorporated much of my camping equipment into our home and I passed even more of it on to Son #1 when he transitioned into apartment living. That means I have been replacing some of those missing essentials. 

My favorite RV haunts are Ikea, Target and Marshall's. We stopped at Ikea after we put the contract on the Bambi last week. 

I made the trip to Marshall's and Target yesterday and I had to have a little cheeky Lotta while it's available. Here's my haul.

Paper is not our default but it's handy to have on hand. I know why I chose the bright blue bowls and yellow cups, that was all they had available. I am just not sure why I didn't opt for any of the lighter blue options. Are you ever surprised at your choices when you get home and unpack?

The yellow is a great choice since the David Winick interior is gray and yellow. The bright blue, not so much, but it's Lotta!

Here's some snaps we took when we met the Bambi for the first time.

Love that porthole door!

She's number 57 of the 75 Airstream made.

Love the wood, aluminum, tweedy fabrics and Marmoleum floor and counters.

Another porthole, this one's in the bathroom door.

Special David Winick touch for the screen door.

We are so excited to be in the Airstream family again. We said good-bye to the Westy in August of 2012 when we were going through our big life retooling. This Bambi is like a cross between our first two Airstreams.

Our first was a 2004 28' International CCD with orange interior. Loved it to death and we had some memorable family experiences in it but it was too big for our life stage. We wanted something that was easy to use that we could park in a single space so we moved down into the tiny Westfalia.

The Bambi is a nice compromise between the 28' CCD and the 19' Westy. I wish I had photos on this computer to share but you can go HERE for the CCD and HERE for the Westy if you are interested. They are both pretty mod looking beasts.

Here's the only CCD photo I have on this computer. It shows Cooper as a youngster playing in a rare snow covered yard.

Here's the Westy at a rowing regatta in Oakridge TN. It was great because we were the team cooks and we could usually camp right at the venue.

Here's a mockup of the new rig:

This will fit into two end-to-end parking spaces.

One great thing about the new Bambi is it gives me a reason for some selfish sewing! Can you say Pillow Covers!

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  1. I saw those Lotta paper plates in Target too, they are awesome.

  2. Congratulations to your new Bambi; looks amazing! Happy sewings! x Teje