Monday, May 18, 2015

One Inch at a Time...My Micro-Stamp Journey Continues

One inch squares...I've been cutting my tiny scraps into one inch squares while watching HGTV here and there this weekend. I have been using these to prep for my Augusta Modern Quilt Guild Micro-Stamp presentation on Tuesday. 

I've repeated the process several times since I came up with it for the ring pillow for my son's wedding and I have made a few production refinements. I need to redo or update my tutorial. Updated on 4/19/15

These scrappy samples are slated for two pin cushions and the heart is for a journal cover. Can't let them go to waste!

Updated on 4/19/15

The squares finish at half an inch.

I also finished another quilt to add to the growing stack of quilts my traditional guild is making for our local VA hospital's long term patients. The goal is 70 and we are pushing 30 since the call went out about two months ago.

The back. 

All the front blocks are from fabric donated by Branum's Sewing and Vacuum, The red stripes and grays are from my Kona stash, the back is a clearance piece I bought at Jeff's Sewing and Vacuum during their 30% off Mother's Day sale, the coffee bean print used in the back piecing and for the binding was scraps from the stash fabric I backed my first VA quilt with. I actually cut the binding from the fabric I trimmed while squaring the first quilt! 

The quilting detail. 
This was fun and fast on my Grace/Juki setup. I recently upgraded the nylon rails to stainless steel rods and I am loving the improved maneuverability. I wish I could give credit for the blogger who inspired this pattern but I forgot to pin or save the link.

The front. 
Hopefully there are two Bulldog fans in the ward who will like my red and black quilts.

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  1. Your side porch makes a great place to photograph your quilts! Great job on the VA quilt!

  2. Thanks. It's great to have a space that fits my blog subtitle. You can just about taste the sweet tea lookin' at it!

  3. Your pattern is quick and effective, and I think the quilting is a darn good addition. Nice to know someone's quilting on a Juki. I've looked at them, but the reviews have been just so-so.

    Kind of you to donate your time to such a worthy cause. It feels good to give back.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  4. The VA quilt is just beautiful - even for a non-Bulldog fan. ;)
    I remain fascinated with your patience, perseverance, and obvious enjoyment of "tiny sewing". :) I think about your one inch squares every time I throw away a scrap. (Hope the scrap police aren't reading). At some point I am going to try this, although I'll probably stick with a little bit larger squares. I took another look at your tutorial and even though you apologize for no photos on parts of it, the tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow. Oh Fransson's blog seems to be temporarily down, so the link to her tutorial doesn't work right now.
    I love your porch too!

  5. The charity quilt is gorgeous. I'm sure it will be well loved.

  6. I love your porch!! And of course your quilts, especially the red/black strip one!

  7. I agree with the comments above ~ ~ beautiful porch/quilt ~ ~ and the combination is even better. I'm not a bulldog fan, but would love to have the quilt you just finished! Great job and refreshing post. I always enjoy reading your adventures.

  8. p.s. and bummed I had to miss the presentation in Augusta tonight ~ ~ I was somewhere over the central states of our vast country! Did you feel the thoughts I sent your way?? :)

  9. Yes the porch is great and so are your quilts.

  10. You must have so much patience to cut and sew those tiny squares, Gayle. But they sure do make cute projects! And waste not want not, eh? Love the combination of fabrics in your VA quilt. And the quilting looks fantastic. Sure to be greatly appreciated!

  11. I don't know whether the back or front is more beautiful! I love the combinations of red, and shades of grey. I expect that quilt will be enormously prized by some lucky recipient.

  12. Your tiny sewing is amazing! I love the Bulldog quilt. My husband is a big fan so I am bookmarking this for later!

  13. Your tiny sewing is amazing! I love the Bulldog quilt. My husband is a big fan so I am bookmarking this for later!

  14. I love your red and black quilts, and I am amazed by your 1" squares! That's unbelievable.