Monday, February 16, 2015

A Finish, a Featherweight and a 301-A

Here's my Singer Spinet No. 74 Cabinet.

Don't ya love that trapezoid shape? I do, but that curvy black 15-90, though absolutely gorgeous, looks a bit out of place. A better compliment would be the machine that Singer designed to pair with the No. 74 cabinet, a 301.

My dream vintage travel machine has long been a Singer 221 Featherweight but I had a change of heart after attending my first quilting retreat. There were many 221's and several 301's and I fell head over heals in love with the 301's modern shape. Makes sense since I love its cabinet.

So, I have been hot on the trail for a 301 and placed a winning ebay bid last week on a two-tone beauty with a decent trapezoid case and a nice collection of attachments. She arrives on my Georgia doorstep this Thursday from, of all places, my home town in Washington State.

I'm so excited. I still need to purchase the necessary cradle to mount her in my cabinet but I have a 1/4 inch foot on its way and will be ready to piece up a storm with her as soon as I get her serviced.

Now what to do with the 15-90? I'm going to try to source out another cabinet to mount her in but I may sell her. I'm a bit torn. I think she's a real beauty and she sews like a dream but do I need so many machines? Especially since I added another machine to the stable last Friday.

This one is definitely a keeper because she is a sad little abused machine and I don't think anyone would ever love her the way I will. Let me introduce you to my new little puppy.

Kinda like a pound puppy. Here she is among her pound mates at the estate sale where I picked her up. Can you guess which one I adopted?  She was dirty, damaged, abused and in need of a good bath.

Let me share her before and after pictures:

Notice the Social Security Number engraved on the front. This puppy was a victim of the "mark all your belongings" craze of the late 80's. A fair amount of her clear coat and decals were worn off as well. She was pretty worse for wear. I've done a bit of touchup with an automotive paint pen and she's been waxed.

If you are a Featherweight purist you might want to skip this part. 
You may notice her new spartan look. I chose to remove what remained of her decal work except for the Singer badging and have about 90% of her clear coat removed. I still have spots that need work. I'm not really a fan of the gold decals anyway so I'm letting her finish her days unadorned like the later celery models.

Yes, she is a Centennial 221. That makes it an extra shame that she was molested with an engraving tool.

It's hard to get under the motor so the damaged clear coat remains but at least the puddles of debris are gone. She purrs pretty nicely though she still needs fresh grease in her motor. I drove all over town and couldn't locate a single tube of Singer lubricant! I have some coming in the mail.

Notice the missing Gib Screw. That is on order too. She sews nicely but is a bit clanky and I don't want to chance a cataclysmic failure so she is benched until that screw is in place. I thought I may have washed the screw down the drain until I went back and looked at her before photos.

Her bottom looked pretty good before here bath, even when I took off her bottom plate. Somehow that area was spared all the debris buildup but her oil mat was actually fuzzy with old mold. Yuck!

Now for the crazy part. I literally gave her a long hot shower with Dawn Dishwashing Soap in my laundry sink. She was so nasty and I got her so cheap that when I read David McCullum's suggestion I went for it. I couldn't believe that wrapping the motor with plastic wrap would keep it safe but it did! Then I baked her in my oven! Twice!!!

So now she's mine and like that ugly little mutt from the pound, she will be loved by me even when I take her out and the pure bred owners cringe and snicker behind our backs. (Disclaimer: I'm that purebred dog owner so I am familiar with the routine and you could say I deserve it, but does the little Featherweight Puppy?)

I am happy that I will have two vintage travel machines because I will be able to share with my sister at next year's guild retreat. How sweet am I?

Now for some actual sewing:

I made my February ALYofF goal for February!

It's a Christmas Table Runner in Apsen Frost and Grunge. My own design and nothing fancy. I bought a Mini-Charm Pack while Hubs was doing the 2014 Southern Cross in Dahlonega, GA last February. Guess what, he does the 2015 Southern Cross this coming Saturday.

I'll be attending my first ever Mystery Quilt Class. I have my fabric cut and I am excited. I will be starting my 2015 Quilt of Valor. He will be riding his cross bike for 50 miles and I'll be sewing what seems like 50 miles of thread.

Will I be sewing modern or vintage on Saturday? Juki or Singer. Only the postman knows for sure!

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  1. It looks a lot better after some TLC. Cool find, Mom!