Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh, that Rascally Binding!

I have been busy sewing for Christmas like so many of you and here's a sneak peek. 

But I wanted to take a break and share a Tuesday Tip with you all that might take some of the #&%?!!! out of that final step in so many of our projects....Binding....

I've seen a number of clever tricks for keeping a length of binding neat while one is in the process of sewing it to a quilt. Some are quite attractive, like a vintage empty thread spool or an antique industrial spool.

Well, I've tried the empty spool and found it lacking.

I do not own an antique industrial spool but I do live in a community that has a substantial history in the weaving and cut-and-sew trades. I could probably find a fair number being offered in the various antique shops around the area.

I borrowed this photo from Vintage Chalet who borrowed it from MiaLucci and the original link is broken.

I think it would be a good solution if it sat on your right and you let the the binding unspool as you sew, but it also looks a bit pricey.

Here's my solution on the cheap.

I use a velcro cable tie that came with my Modem/Router. 

It keeps it neat from start to finish.

I wrap it with the soft side toward the fabric and I unwind sections and re-tighten as I go. One thing that makes a cable tie better than your standard velcro is that it tends to have a less aggressive hook and loop which is very gentle on the fabric.

I used to use a velcro cable tie that didn't have a ribbon tab and it worked quite well but this one is near perfection. Best of all it was sorta Free!

I know, there are probably a fair number of you who do the same thing, I just haven't ever seen it shared.

Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on this solution. I'd love to hear if I've inspired you to try this, you've already been using it or if you have an even better technique.

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  1. I love your practical approach to everything, and repurposing is my fave thing to do!

    To be honest I let my binding trail on the floor. Never thought about making it easier on myself - duh!

  2. Nice tips! I usually just let the binding pool in my lap. ;)

  3. This is a great idea! I wrap my binding around a piece of card stock and keep the end in place with a pin. Until I am ready to apply the binding to my finished project. Then I just take out the pin and flip the card stock to unwind the binding as I go!

  4. I just roll up the binding and place it to the right of my presser foot. Keeps everything nice, neat and flowing as I sew on the binding.