Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Six Gap Century Valley Ride

I'm not a fanatic like my Hubs but I do enjoy a good bike ride. So, when it comes to organized and charity rides I tend to do the wimp version while he goes out for all the miles and vert he can pack in. I have done one century (100 miles) and several metric-centuries (62 miles) but I usually go for the 30ish mile ride. That's what I did for the Six Gap Century. They call it the valley ride but I still call it a climb.

Six Gap starts in the beautiful city of Dahlonega in the North Georgia Mountains. They make it a two day festival with a street fair and Criterium on Saturday and the ride is on Sunday. It was held the last weekend of September. (I'm a month behind recording this ride)

I'm a bit heavier and not as fit as last year but my STRAVA did give me personal bests on two sections. Overall I was a few minutes slower and the competition must have been stiffer this year because I finished further back in the official ride standings than I expected for those extra minutes.

It was an absolutely perfect day for a mountain ride. I didn't have to wear or pack any extra clothing because it was warm enough for short sleeves when I started.

I did get a few extra miles in because we had to park a mile and half away from the ride venue. So, after I went through the finish line I still had that mile and a half, uphill and in traffic to go before I was back at the truck.

This is what my computer read but STRAVA put me at 37.9 miles with 3,937ft vertical gain.

Here's my new T-shirt. I really need to make this one wearable, since it is so cute and I love the colors. I'd like to get in shape for Three Gap but there are just too many quilting and sewing projects calling my name.

Hubs had a great ride and met his goal! That was great because it meant I didn't have a long wait for my spaghetti dinner. Which was even nastier than what they served last year. I have decided to skip the meal next year because it is just so over the top bad.

My next post will be more fabric centric than this post. I guess you could say about this one...

"I visited Pedal Sew Lightly and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!"

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Ride on! I totally want to start riding a rode bike. I've done indoor cycling (spinning) for several years but have never ventured out on the road. This sounds like so much fun!