Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Start with the Help Of Erin

This new blog is being created with the help of Sew at Home Mummy's "Beautify Your Blog" series.

Sew at Home Mummy

I want to thank Erin for giving of her time and talent to support inexperienced bloggers, like me. I have been steadily quilting for almost a year and a half and have been enjoying all the varied blogs I find. I have well over 100 linked to Bloglovin! So much great support and knowledge is shared by such wonderful people. I love it! Since so many of the blogs invite others to join in the fun I decided to start chronicling my progress too. I thought about resurrecting an old one I had started for a cross country RV trip we took a few years ago. Unfortunately, the name I chose, Ether Bourn, has since become associated with a gaming character. Did they think of it on their own or steal it from me? Who knows or cares, but I am not a "gamer" and so I decided to come up with a new name. BTW, Ether Bourn was the result of plugging Air Stream into the Thesaurus. So, my next post will explain the reasoning behind my new name.

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